Mandatory COVID-19 Testing Information for Students

End of semester testing update:

After April 16, 2021, students will no longer be required to participate in mandatory, bi-weekly testing on campus for the spring 2021 semester. (Note: if you are a student athlete, you must continue to test when required to by Athletics)

Free surveillance testing will continue to be offered after April 16 at different hours for students who wish to continue to be tested. Below is information about optional on campus surveillance testing and links to sign up.
We encourage all students to test prior to leaving campus or returning home for the summer.
If you missed a previous required testing week, you will still be required to make-up your missed test. Any missed COVID test will still need to be completed after April 15.

Optional Testing Days and Times

Testing Location

Testing Sign Up

Test Collection and What to Expect

  1. You can NOT eat or drink anything 1 hour prior to your testing time.
  2. You must sign up for a testing time slot prior to getting tested.
  3. Wear your mask to the testing location.
  4. You will conduct a saliva-based PCR (Polymearse Chain Reaction) test.
  5. You will arrive at the lobby of the Van Male Fieldhouse at your testing time (you must make an appointment in advance).
  6. You will check-in at the check-in table (have your student ID ready).
  7. After you check-in, you will be given a sample collection tube.
  8. You will take the tube outside and spit into the tube to the fill line. The testing assistant will tell you how much to fill the collection tube.
    • Please make sure to practice social distancing when spitting in the tube and replace your mask when finished.
  9. When you complete your sample collection, return the tube to the Van Male Lobby.
  10. A testing assistant will take your sample.
  11. You may leave the testing site and will be notified of your test results within 48 hours via email.
  12. You may continue your regular activities while you wait for results.

Test Results

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of COVID-19 test will I take?

Students will take a saliva based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This test detects RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus. Samples are collected by spitting into a collection vial.

Why can’t I eat or drink anything one hour prior to my test?
What is the cost of the test?
Do I need to sign up in advance for a testing time?
Can community members and non-Carroll students test?
Will anyone else know about my test result?
I’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine. Do I still need to test?
I previously tested positive for COVID-19. Do I still need to test before returning to campus?

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the testing requirement, please email us.

Thank you for helping us keep our Carroll community safe!

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