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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information​

Interim Policies and Guidance

This page provides policy and best practice for student organizations, fraternities/sororities, and Student Activities Events to ensure the safety of our community. If you work with an inter/national organization that provides stricter guidance, abide by the more stringent guidelines.

Organization leadership, fraternity/sorority leadership, and student activities staff (here on collectively referred to as Student Organizations) are expected to know and abide by the Carroll University Interim COVID-19 Guidelines. These guidelines are updated or reaffirmed monthly.

Information about COVID-19 symptoms and testing can be found on the Health Services portal pages.

Guiding Public Health Data Informed Principles

The Carroll University Ethos and underlying values expect our community members to consider the safety of and concern for others. The Center for Disease Control studies and recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 inform our decisions regarding Student Organization requirements and guidelines. Based on CDC information, our assumptions include:

In addition, we expect Carroll students and Student Organizations to take responsibility for assessing potential risk of their members AND of communities that our members may meet. Someone in the organization or a potential guest may be at higher risk of complications due to underlying health concerns. Taking the necessary precautions for these members and guests will keep everyone safe.

Interim Student Organization Policies

Student Organization Guidance




Handouts / Giveaways / Freebies

Student Activities reserves the right to amend these policies and guidelines to ensure alignment and compliance with current health standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will student organizations / fraternities and sororities be able to meet?

Yes, organizations will be able to meet. They will need to follow all COVID-19 guidelines in place regarding physical distancing and masks during meetings or events, regardless of location.

Will we be able to have events with food?

All food at events must be “take away.” Student organization are not permitted to have meal service at their events.

Will there be an Involvement Fair?

Yes, Involvement Fair will be taking place on August 28 from 3–6 p.m. on Main Lawn and the surrounding green space.

How do I find student organization information?

Head to for all of our active student organizations.

How do I find activities that are happening? is a great place to start!


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