Student Health Center FAQ | Last updated Feb. 2, 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Health Center Protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center is in a green house at 215 Wright Street (on the corner of Wright and Charles).

Do I need an appointment to be seen in the Student Health Center?

For your safety during the COVID 19 pandemic, all students will need to schedule an appointment for services. We are not allowing any walk-ins except for in an emergency.

How do I schedule an appointment for the Student Health Center?

To schedule an appointment for a well visit, such as a well physical (for sports, employment, a pap smear, or for your program), TB test, vaccine, contraception, STI screening, or drug screen, you can schedule online in the patient portal at, call 262.524.7233, or email Appointments for well visits will be scheduled Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

To schedule an appointment when you are ill, students must call 262.524.7233 or email

Appointments for ill students (including for COVID-19 testing), will be scheduled Monday through Thursday, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. and Friday 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Telehealth visits are an option in some circumstances. To schedule a telemedicine visit, please call 262.524.7233 or email

I think I have COVID symptoms, what should I do?

Students with any of the following COVID-19 symptoms should stay home from class, notify their professor, and call the Student Health Center at 262.524.7233 or your primary provider to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and COVID testing.

Students with any of these symptoms may have COVID-19 and should be tested. The Health Center provides free rapid COVID tests with results in about 15 minutes:

Can I be seen in the Student Health Center even if I have insurance through my parents, and not through the insurance plan offered by the University?

Yes, the nurse practitioners will see any Carroll student. If you do not have the insurance offered by the University, any charges can be paid using Carroll Cash or can be billed to the student account. The NP can give students a receipt with the billing codes that you can submit to your insurance carrier to request reimbursement. There is a $20 charge for most urgent care visits for illness or injury, and $30 charge for physical exams. Lab tests, TB tests, medications, and vaccines are additional charges. Students who are insured under the WPS student insurance plan offered by the University are not billed for covered services provided in the Student Health Center.

I have a sore throat, and I'm worried I have strep or mono. I think I have a bladder infection. I have a rash. What if I need an antibiotic for my infection? I need to have my annual exam and pap smear. I need a physical for employment, sports, student teaching, or before doing my nursing clinical. I need a Medical Health Statement form completed for my Cross Cultural Experience. Can the Student Health Center help me?

Yes! The nurse practitioners can see students for many common illnesses and concerns. They can do rapid strep tests, mono tests, urine tests, and many more tests right in the Student Health Center. Other specimens can be collected in the Student Health Center, and then sent to Waukesha Memorial Hospital Lab for testing. If needed, the NP can give you some prescription medication at the time of your visit. Most antibiotics are $10 if purchased from the Health Center. The NP can also write a prescription for medications that can be filled at a local pharmacy. The NP can do physical exams including sports physicals, required nursing, PT, OT, PA and education/student teaching physicals, pap smears as well as complete Medical Health Statement Forms needed for your Cross Cultural Experience.

I need a TB (Tuberculosis) skin test, drug screen, immune titer, or flu vaccine that is required for my program. Can this be done in the Student Health Center?

Yes, TB skin tests can be done in the Student Health Center, the cost is $15. Ten panel drug screens can be done for $25 with results given the same day. In addition, the Student Health Center can give many vaccines including meningitis, tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza (flu), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and typhoid. If you do not have the insurance offered by the University, the cost of the vaccine plus a $10 injection fee will be billed to your student account. However, the NP can give you a receipt with the billing codes that you can submit to your insurance carrier to request reimbursement.

I get allergy shots. Can I get my allergy shots in the Student Health Center?

Because we do not have an MD on site, and allergy shots entail the injection of a serum that the patient is allergic to, there can sometimes be serious allergic reactions after an allergy shot. For that reason, we no longer administer allergy shots at the Student Health Center. We can refer you to a local allergist if needed.

For more information about the Student Health Center, please call 262.524.7233, email or visit the Health Services pages on the portal.

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