Free COVID-19 Surveillance Testing for Students

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Carroll University will be offering free COVID testing on October 7, October 14, October 21, October 28, November 4, November 11 and November 18.

What does this mean?

Each week, a portion of the residential student population will be randomly selected to be tested for COVID. Those selected MUST test. Commuter students may sign up for surveillance testing.

What if I have already tested positive for COVID? Do I need to test again?

No. Students who have tested positive will not need to test again. Students who are asked to test should inform that testing is not needed.

Why is Carroll asking all residential students to get tested?

Some people with COVID do not experience symptoms but can still be contagious. By testing a wide group of students who are not having symptoms, we have the opportunity to identify students who are positive and would otherwise not know or be able to be tested.

Where is testing?

Testing will be conducted in a medical trailer in the Campus Center Parking lot.

Do I need to quarantine while I wait for results?

No. If you are not exposed to COVID or do not have symptoms, you do not need to quarantine or isolate.

If I’m showing symptoms or not feeling well, should I still test?

No. This is only for asymptomatic students. If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please contact the Student Health Center at 262-524-7233 to schedule a test.

What if I test on Wednesday September 30? Do I need to test again?

Students who test on Wednesday, September 30 will not need to test again.

How will I know that I need to be tested?

Students will receive an email to make them aware that they have been randomly selected for testing.

How do I schedule an appointment for the test?

Students who are randomly selected to test will receive an email with a link to register for the test.

Will I be getting tested weekly?

Not at this time.

When will I get my results?

Students will only receive test results if they test positive. If a student does not hear anything, the test is negative.

I am an athlete and have been tested. Do I need to test again?

If you have already tested but are a residential student, you must get tested again.

If you have questions, email

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