Financial Aid and Tuition FAQ

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

When are the final financial aid offers going to be available?

Students should have their financial aid offers. If you don't, please contact our office at

Why is tuition for this fall semester due so early, August 24th? Normally we have until about November to pay in full for the semester.

Tuition is always due in full on the first day of classes; payment plans can extend payments later into the semester, depending on the plan selected (# of months).

Will there be any change in tuition? Is Carroll going to reduce tuition because classes are now online?

There will be no changes to the tuition rates published for the 2020-2021 academic year. Those fees were approved by the Carroll University Board of Trustees last year. At present, over 90% of our classes are face-to-face.

How will the credits from last semester get utilized for this year's tuition and expenses?

Any credits from last spring will be first applied to summer or fall charges; students will be billed for any remaining balance due.

If I defer coming back in the fall semester, or for a year, what happens to my scholarship(s)?

We will hold them steady – but they are prorated for each semester. For example, a $10,000 scholarship would be applied over two semesters – a student deferring one semester would see a $5,000 credit for that scholarship.

Are there any changes to work study for students?

There are no changes planned to the work study program.

Will on-campus jobs be available this year? Can I live at home and do work study?

Yes, there will be on campus jobs available for students, and those will be open to both students living on campus as well as commuter students. For students who are completing a virtual semester, you will not be permitted to come to campus for a campus employment position. If your supervisor has remote work available, you are eligible to work. Please know that we have limited remote work available for students.

When will the campus employment information be available?

Job notifications were available on August 3, 2020. If you are not seeing your placement, please contact us at

Will there be any impact if I have received a scholarship but decide to live at home rather than on campus?

No, but there may be some impact to need-based aid in some cases.

Is Carroll is now accepting the Wisconsin GI Bill?

Yes. Please work with Nancy Ferguson at in our Registrar's Office.

Why is my child being penalized with the amounts that she is receiving in grants because she will be living at home this semester. You requested that as many students as possible become commuter students this semester, why are we being punished for living off campus this semester?

Carroll often offers additional grants for students who live on campus and pay campus housing/food. If students move of campus, we adjust their aid package.

My son was placed in Frontier Hall and we did not qualify for federal aid assistance. The cost increase was not expected so I assume we have to pay the higher fee and will not qualify for CARES Act funding?

As long as you completed the FASFA, you would be eligible. Please complete the Housing CARES Grant Application.

Read more CARES Act Emergency Student Grants FAQs.

If campus is closed due to COVID-19, what will students be reimbursed for?

We will address appropriate refunds depending on the circumstances should that be necessary at any point during this year.

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