Disability Services FAQ

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

How do I schedule an appointment to set-up accommodations?

Please call us at 262.524.7335 or email us at wyc@carrollu.edu to set up an appointment.

Are the appointments in person or virtual?

All of our appointments will be conducted virtually until further notice. Once the appointment is made you will receive a virtual link via Teams for these meetings. You can usually get an appointment within 24 hours of returning the paperwork we send to you.

I am a current or incoming student at Carroll coming in for Disability Services what do I need?

Prior to your virtual meeting with Marty Bledsoe, please email your statement of diagnosis by an M.D. or PHD and any testing that was done. In addition, please fill out the forms that were sent to you via email prior to the meeting.

I am concerned about attending class due COVID-19, what are my options?

Please schedule a meeting with our office, using the procedure above. We are happy to help and talk through these options with you. Do not be concerned that you do not have a doctor’s form for Covid-19 arrangements.

I have taken tests at the Walter Center before, how has the process changed?

If you have accommodations set up with us, your professor will receive a letter stating your accommodations. It is also important for you to communicate directly with your professor. Each professor will work with you to assure you of having your accommodations carried out. If your professor has any questions or concerns, please direct them to our office via wyc@carrollu.edu or call 262.524.7335.

I have missed class(es) due to medical reasons / illness and I need a letter sent to my professors informing them of the situation.

Please schedule a virtual meeting with Martha Bledsoe at the Walter Young Center. She will also notify the Vice President of Student Affairs Office and they will send out an official notice to your professors. This is not an excuse for class. Neither Student Affairs or Disability Services can excuse a missed class.I broke my leg/arm and can't make it to my class on the 3rd floor and/or need someone to take notes for me. Set-up a meeting with Marty Bledsoe.

I would like to bring my ESA to campus what do I need for this to happen:

  1. Please have the following paperwork sent via wyc@carrollu.edu prior to your meeting: Housing Request, Housing Registration, Documentation and Waukesha tags (tags are only needed for dogs and cats)
  2. Schedule a virtual meeting with our Director of Disability Services

What if I need housing accommodations?

Please fill out a housing request form, and have your doctor provide documentation.

These forms can be found on the disability services portal page. Disability Services doesn’t have the ability to make roommate placements or residence hall placements. You can be place anywhere on campus that satisfies the accommodation. You can also go on a waitlist if you turn your request in late.

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