Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information | Last updated Jan. 5, 2021

Spring Semester Academic Calendar Changes

We will continue with a focus on face-to-face instruction while mixing in hybrid and online instruction as well. Listed below are the academic calendars for both our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

View the Academic Calendar for All 2020-2021 Dates

Student Accommodations

For those students who may not be comfortable returning to campus for classes this fall, please send a request to participate virtually in your classes to Marty Bledsoe, Director of the Walter Young Center, at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will January 2021 classes be held?

Yes, those will be held as planned, January 4 – 15, 2021.

When will the 2021 spring semester start?

The spring semester is scheduled as planned for January 25 – April 27, 2021.

Will you adjust your plans if necessary?

Yes, due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 virus and its spread, we must continue to be flexible and prepare for a variety of scenarios. We continue to constantly monitor the situation and our response and decision making will be guided by the American College Health Association (ACHA), the CDC and local Waukesha public health officials.

Does Carroll offer Microsoft Office for free to the students?

Yes, students can download and install five copies of Office 365 as long as they are enrolled at Carroll.

Academic Delivery

In class instruction will be the expectation. However, we will need to be flexible in delivery and to quickly adapt, and pivot, when necessary. There are exceptions that may apply when considering building and room density. We’re working with our Office of Information Technology to explore the capability for live streaming and lecture capturing.

What if we don't want remote learning?

At present, over 90% of our classes are face-to-face.

Will in-person classes be livestreamed for students that are doing online learning or will there be online and in-person classes with different schedules?

Livestreaming is one option, as is asyncrhonous. Contact your specific professor for details.

When will students be hearing from their professors about whether or not their classes are in-person, online or a hybrid format?

Professors are currently reaching out to students. Should your classes be switched to online, you will receive notification for our registrar.

Why is it that Carroll's goal has been to be in-person and now my student has learned that three of her classes are hybrid?

If your student has more online classes than wanted, please contact our Office of Academic Advising Services so that schedule changes can be discussed.

Can I still switch to remote learning?

Yes, you can still switch to online classes prior to the beginning of the term.

How will clinicals be impacted?

We understand the clinical experience is critical to students in our health science programs. Our faculty in those programs are working diligently with our hospital system partners to determine clinical placements, however each hospital system is different.

Will there be nursing clinicals off-campus?

Many of our clinical partners are taking students.

Will nursing labs be online?

Some nursing labs may be online while others remain face-to-face.

How will Carroll accommodate the DPT program direct admit cohorts if Carroll goes online again after the semester starts?

Our Anatomy faculty, as well as our DPT faculty, are being very creative in their approaches to labs. If we do go online, learning outcomes will be met.

How will graduate labs work if a student is doing remote learning?

Please contact your program director or professor for specific details.

What are the plans and requirements for Cross Cultural Experiences (CCEs)?

The in-class portion of the Carroll course CCEs will run even with travel canceled. We aim to achieve the class learning outcomes in alternate ways so that students can continue on with their four year plans including completing CCS400. All Winter 2021 study abroad and Carroll course CCEs have been canceled, including the in-class portion. Students should work with faculty and CCE advisors to discuss alternate options. We will delay the acceptance of Carroll course CCE applications for Spring 2021until September. See more information on our CCE COVID-19 FAQ page.

Safety Protocols

Will students be spaced out six feet in front and behind them while in class?


Will classes be reduced in size to accommodate for social distancing? Will that impact my ability to get the classes I need?

We’re working with our facilities team to develop a plan to ensure that classrooms allow for appropriate social distancing between students. We will not remove a student from a course for which they are currently registered due to this reconfiguration. We will adjust course delivery as needed to accommodate those who are registered.

Are there any changes to the Learning Commons?

Physical distant measures will be put in place. There will be virtual and face-to-face options.

How will tutoring/SI sessions be conducted ?

Physical distant measures will be put in place. There will be virtual and face-to-face options.

Will academic advising be in-person?

Yes, we will be providing in-person academic support and services this fall, with appropriate safety protocols in place. Hours and availability of services may have changed — it is recommended that students contact those offices directly for the most recent updates.

How will students participate in programs such as theater, musical ensembles and marching band?

The visual and performing arts are, and will continue to be, an important part of the Carroll experience. Our faculty is committed to finding innovative ways to deliver these programs while prioritizing the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

How are band classes going to be handled, considering they are going to be needing to wear a mask.

Special masks will be used. Please contact our Director of Bands for specific details.

How are students supposed to understand their professors through a face mask where the voice can sound muffled and difficult to understand?

Face shields are an option for our faculty if they are six feet apart from students. Microphones may also be available.

Will the classrooms/desks be sanitized and cleaned between classes?

Classrooms will not be sanitized between classes; however, all classrooms will be cleaned on a daily basis.

What if I don’t feel safe going into classrooms? Can I take classes online?

We are working with our facilities team to implement a variety of new protocols focusing on the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. This includes reconfiguring classrooms to allow for social distancing, requiring masks to be worn in public spaces, providing additional hand sanitizing stations in buildings and cleaning with CDC-approved disinfectant. While the expectation is for in-class instruction, there will be a need for flexible delivery to ensure safety. In addition, a small number of courses may be delivered fully online.

Will there be any changes to convocations?

The convocation requirement at Carroll has not changed. As of now we are planning to host convocation events with appropriate social distancing measures while following current guidelines for gatherings. In addition, we plan to host all convocations on Microsoft Teams so that those who cannot attend in-person are able to attend, and participate, virtually.

How will students participate in labs work and maintain social distancing?

We understand this will be a challenge and we are working on the best delivery of labs to minimize disruption to the educational experience while protecting the health and safety of our faculty and students.

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