Parking Violations

University parking violations are payable at the Business Office in Voorhees Hall during normal business hours. Payment also may be mailed to the university as noted on the violation. The penalty increases if not paid within 10 business days of the violation date. Outstanding unpaid parking tickets will be placed on the student's account with the university.

People who receive an excessive number of parking violations will be classified as an habitual parking offender (HPO). Habitual offenders are subject to additional disciplinary sanctions. If a vehicle or person receives in excess of five valid parking violations, the vehicle is subject to being ticketed by the city of Waukesha police and towed at the owner's expense.

Students are responsible for the vehicles they use on university property and any violations issued thereon, even if the vehicle's registration is in their parent's name, or in the name of some other member of the immediate family, or other person. If any guest receives a violation while parked on university property, the charge might be assigned to the student of whom he/she is a guest. This includes relatives and friends of the student visiting Carroll.

Parking Violation Appeals

If you wish to contest a parking violation, you must do so in writing within 10 business days of the violation. Appeal forms are online or available from the Public Safety Center, 208 Wright St. Appeals are reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee. The committee normally meets once a month. Additional meetings might occur as needed.

While tickets are being appealed, the fine will not increase as long as the appeal was turned into the Public Safety Center before the end of the 10 day grace period. Tickets appealed after the grace period will not be removed from a bill unless the appeal is upheld. Tickets on a bill will not be removed during the appeals process. After the committee decides the appeal, the results will be sent to the appellant via email. Copies of the decision will also be sent to the Business Office.

Parking policies, regulations and limitations may be added or changed as deemed necessary and notification made via the Public Safety Web site and/or other means. All questions about the parking regulations should be directed to the Public Safety Center.

Parking Appeals Information

On your appeal, state the reason(s) you feel the citation was issued in error.

Invalid reasons for appeal

If any of the reasons listed below are why you are appealing a ticket, the appeal will be denied.

The Parking Appeals Committee is made up of students and decisions are final.

If students have questions regarding parking violation appeals, please email

Download the Parking Appeals Form