February Fitness Challenge

Join us and earn great prizes while improving your overall well-being!


  1. “Like” Carroll University RecSports on Facebook.
  2. Once you have “liked” us on Facebook, we will post challenges three times each week.
    • Challenges can be completed any time throughout the week, not only on the day posted.  However, once the week passes, participants are no longer eligible to gain points for that week’s post.
  3. Complete the challenges posted anytime within that week.
    • Challenges can be completed anywhere on the Carroll University campus.
  4. Once completed, scan QR code or click here to record responses.
    • Each time you complete an exercise, you must record a new form! This is how we will keep track when it comes to prizes.
  5. Keep working hard and keep your New Year’s Resolutions going!


  1. There will be a variety of challenges throughout the month, with various prizes available!
  2. At the end of the month, points will be calculated and the winners will receive emails regarding prize pick-up.
  3. For every challenge completed, you will gain an entry into the prize raffle.
  4. The more challenges completed, the more entries gained in the raffle, plus you lock yourself in to win better prizes.
  5. Winners will be notified by early March!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the FFC?

Sign up in a RecSports facility and get your punch card.  Tracking your tallies is not a one time thing.  After you complete each challenge, you must check in with RecSports staff in order to let us know what challenges you have completed.  This is our way of keeping track!  Also, “Like” our RecSports Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram in order to stay up to speed on challenges!

February already started, can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up at anytime during February. However, the earlier you sign up, the greater the potential you will have for earning more points!

How do I know what challenges to do for the week?

The RecSports staff will post challenges for you to complete.  You can complete these at anytime during the designated day, or day after.  A week is defined as Sunday-Saturday.  Once the next day has passed, you will no longer receive points for that challenge.

What if the exercises are too hard for me to do?

No matter what your skill level is, we have something for you!  Variations are available.

What can I win by participating in the FFC?

Prizes vary from RecSports swag to gift cards and fitness equipment.

What if I do not participate in the Challenges every day of February?

No problem!  You chose which challenges you want to participate in to accommodate your schedule.

How do I receive points for the exercises I do?

Each challenge is worth an entry for the prizes.  The more challenges you complete, the more entries you receive in the drawing.

What if I want to do my own workouts?

Feel free to still do your own workouts.  Our challenges are simply an extra push to add to your workout!  We want to see you improve and reach new heights in the New Year!

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