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Housing Policies

Residency Requirement

a) All full-time undergraduate students who enroll at Carroll University are subject to a junior residency requirement. This requirement remains in effect until a student has achieved senior standing (92 credits) by the beginning of the academic year or is 23 years of age or older. Exceptions to this policy may include those students who are married or in a partnership legally recognized by a state, are the primary caregiver to a child, students who have a documented medical condition, and those students who are living with parents or legal guardians within fifty (50) miles from campus during the academic year for which they are enrolled.

b) Each year, full-time undergraduate students who wish to live off-campus must submit an Off-Campus Application to request an approved exemption from the residency requirement. If the Off-Campus Application request is denied, students will be subject to the residency requirement and will need to complete the On-Campus Housing Application. The following documentation is required when submitting the Off-Campus Application for exemption:

     i. Students who are married or with a domestic partner must present a legal marriage certificate
     ii. Students who are the primary caregiver to a child/dependent must show proof of tax return, insurance card or dependent’s birth certificate
     iii. Students with a documented medical condition must be approved through Carroll University Accessibility Services
     iv. Students who plan on living with their parent/legal guardian within 50 miles of campus must provide verification of residency at the parent/guardian address
     v. Students who are studying abroad, have an internship or participate in clinical programs must provide a copy of enrollment details
     vi. Students who may have other unique situations must submit a personal statement and any supporting documentation

c) Students who have not been approved for release from the residency requirement and/or fail to submit an application and license agreement for campus housing will be charged for a traditional double room and the minimum resident meal plan until the terms of the residency requirement have been satisfied.

Student Housing License Agreements

Download PDFs of the residency requirements for the current and upcoming academic year.


All campus housing is secure and requires a Pioneer Card for access. In addition, public safety patrols campus 24/7. Residence life staff are on duty in each area to provide support and ensure compliance with university policies. It’s easy to make new friends and become part of a community by joining in on the many social and recreational activities offered through on-campus living.

Front Desk

Each residence hall has a front desk that is staffed daily when campus housing is open. Front desk workers are available as a general reference for students that live within the residence halls. Residents of the building can check out items such as games, vacuums, DVD player, cooking equipment with their Pioneer Card. Residents who have received packages or items that are too large to fit into their mailbox will be able to pick their items up at the front desk.

Mail and Packages

Each resident will have access to a mailbox within their specific housing facility. Residents who have received packages or items that are too large to fit into their mailbox will be able to pick their items up at the front desk. See addresses to our residence halls here.

Cable TV

All residence hall rooms and suites are wired for basic cable TV service. More information can be found by logging in to and viewing Residence Life and Housing TV Instructions.

Furniture Rental

Carroll has partnered with CORT furniture to make living and dining room furniture available to students living in campus apartments as well as Frontier, Pioneer and Prairie Halls. Start the new year with ease and leave the hassle to CORT furniture. Fill your space with great looking furniture delivered right to your door! Off-campus packages are available at the same low rate for 12 months and include bedroom furniture. Additional items are also available.


Linen Purchase

Carroll has partnered with On Campus Marketing to provide linen that is guaranteed to fit our beds.



Laundry services are included as part of the housing fees and machines are provided in each housing facility. Find more information on using laundry facilities, availability of machines and other tips at on Campus Laundry Services page.



Carroll Ca$h can be used to purchase beverage and snack items within each housing facilities (excluding Hartwell Apartments and Wright House).

Please see the Vending Services page for more information.

Renters Insurance

You have more important things to think about than how you'll replace personal items lost or damaged on-campus, off-campus or while traveling, so Carroll University suggests that all students purchase renters insurance. GradGuard renters insurance features low deductible plans and can help you assure that your valuable items are protected. For more information, please visit the GradGuard website.

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