Call to Prayer - July 27, 2020

Author: The Rev. Elizabeth McCord

Published Date: 7/27/2020

Categories: Spiritual Life

In difficult and uncertain times, many of us find courage by leaning into our faith. Each week, I’ll invite any of you who wish to join me in spiritual reflection. I’ll provide a written prayer, but I hope each of you will use the words, rituals or practices most meaningful and authentic for you. Please contact me if you’d like to share specific prayer requests or just check in at You and your loved ones are in my prayers every day.

This Week's Prayer

Elizabeth McCord
The Rev. Elizabeth McCord

Pleasant words are honeycomb,
sweet to the palate, and healing to the bones. 

— Proverbs 16:24
I by nature have a sweet tooth. It’s hard for me to pass on dessert. But I find in these frustrating days I am spending too much time chewing on bitterness. This prayer is a palate cleanser if you, like me, need to be reminded of the sweet things in life.
Sustaining God,
You fill my life with goodness—
    platters of fruitful generosity and unexpected kindness,
    bowls brimming with savory moments and zesty amusement,
    decanters fragrant with ripened relationships and good will.
But too often, I set my table with discontentment.
    I opt for the fast food of frustration.
    I gnaw on the kernels of hurtful criticism.
    I sip snifters of spite,
         chew on sour chatter,
         and dress my days for disaster.
On this diet of bitterness and distain,
    I find my spirit bloated with burdens
         and my body wearied with worry.
Clear the temptations from my table.
Remove the toxins from my mind and
    refresh my being with water and wine.
Free me from the spiritual sluggishness
    that clogs my heart, binds my body,
         and spoils my relationships.
Restore me in your garden of delights
    so that I may taste and see your goodness.
And trim the vines of my vocabulary
    to speak with more gratitude, humility, and joy.
          by your grace,

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