Call to Prayer - July 6, 2020

Author: The Rev. Elizabeth McCord

Published Date: 7/6/2020

Categories: Social Spiritual Life

In difficult and uncertain times, many of us find courage by leaning into our faith. Each week, I’ll invite any of you who wish to join me in spiritual reflection. I’ll provide a written prayer, but I hope each of you will use the words, rituals or practices most meaningful and authentic for you. Please contact me if you’d like to share specific prayer requests or just check in at You and your loved ones are in my prayers every day.

This Week's Prayer

Elizabeth McCord
The Rev. Elizabeth McCord

In all your ways acknowledge God,
and God will make straight your paths.

— Proverbs 3:6

I invite you to use your body when praying this week’s prayer. As you are able, stand on your feet. Take a moment to lean forward and back, side to side, connecting to with senses, feeling gravity pull you to the earth and finding a center space where you feel balance and alignment.  Take a few deep breaths, lifting your spine, and in prayer, invite God into your week.
Pilgrim God,
    as we journey through this week,
    seeking footing for the future,
    walk with us.
Guide our feet.
    Help us step with caution and awareness,
    mindful of those we encounter
    and of the imprint we leave.
Prepare our paths.
    Inspire us to hope,
to trust and hold lightly
both our burdens and our plans.
Be our backbone.
    Steady us with your grace,
    meeting our missteps with mercy
    and our despair with reassurance.
Ready the way.
    Help us move with humility 
    reminding us that we do not control the future
    but that we participate in creating it.
Bless our companions.
    May we travel in peace,
    accompanied by compassion from friends, 
    extending kindness to strangers.
Walk with us, being
    the Footing for our Future,
    the Journey toward our Purpose,
    the God of Pilgrim Way.


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