Call to Prayer - June 22, 2020

Author: The Rev. Elizabeth McCord

Published Date: 6/22/2020

Categories: Social Spiritual Life

In difficult and uncertain times, many of us find courage by leaning into our faith. Each week, I’ll invite any of you who wish to join me in spiritual reflection. I’ll provide a written prayer, but I hope each of you will use the words, rituals or practices most meaningful and authentic for you. Please contact me if you’d like to share specific prayer requests or just check in at You and your loved ones are in my prayers every day.

A Blessing of the Masks

Elizabeth McCord
The Rev. Elizabeth McCord
As we return to campus and move more freely about our lives, we are becoming accustomed to wearing masks. Today’s prayer is for this new daily ritual. Even an inconvenience such as this can be sacred spiritual practice.

Holy One,
    bless our masks.
May we place them on our faces prayerfully,
    grateful for our bodies
       and for the breath that fills the fabric.
May we remove them mindfully,
    thankful for human connection
       and for the gift of today’s interactions.
May our masks make life more meaningful.
May they enliven our senses,
    reminding us to listen with compassion
       and speak with humility.
May they draw us together,
     inspiring respect for one another
       and enabling mutual care.
May our masks move us to treasure this day:
    the smiles that draw the cloth closer,
       the laughter that pulls the elastic tighter,
    the tenderness of our faces
       that reflects the tenderness of our hearts.
Holy One,
    bless our masks and all they have to teach us.
Help us find joy and purpose in this new practice,
        and lead us toward a day of wholeness
    when our faces may shine freely in your Presence.


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