Carroll University Sophomore Building Relationships & Career

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Published Date: 11/9/2023

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Morgan Kaczmarek, Carroll University Sophomore
Attending Carroll University has been an “absolute blessing” for Morgan Kaczmarek of Appleton. He was drawn into the historic school for many reasons, including the friendly staff, the quality of the College of Health Sciences department, and the perfect size of the beautiful campus.

“I love that it’s considered a small campus, but everything is spread out, so it feels bigger,” Morgan says. “You can go to class and see familiar faces, but also lots of people you haven’t met before. Everyone is super easy to talk to.”

Morgan knew he wanted to study something about the human body. After learning about the programs at Carroll that would have a high probability of employment—in a shorter amount of time and with less debt—he was sold. The sophomore chose the exercise science major as his focus and is already filled with fantastic knowledge.

“I’ve been given so much information that I forget I’m only a sophomore. I am thankful for the intelligence and charisma of the professors,” says Morgan. “The smaller classes make it possible to connect with the professors. They don’t seem to believe they are above anyone else and are willing to learn something new.” As excited as he was to attend Carroll, Morgan admitted he was initially anxious about the cost, but receiving financial aid has been a huge blessing for him. On top of being rewarded for his high school academic success, Morgan says Carroll did a great job alerting him and other incoming students about the potential ways to lower costs, including the Wisconsin Grant. Morgan cut his “out of pocket” payments by more than 60 percent, allowing him to enjoy the college experience further.

“Financial aid makes everything much more affordable,” Morgan adds. “It’s important to embrace what life throws at you and make it your own. A piece of the puzzle is college, and so far, it has been very much worth it.”

He is thankful that the Wisconsin Grant and other financial aid options are available to students, otherwise some might never get to fulfill their collegiate and professional dreams. Morgan plans to become a physical therapist in a hospital where he can meet people with other careers and who come from different walks of life. He values building strong and meaningful relationships and does that in a variety of ways at Carroll.

“Carroll has been such an amazing experience for me to grow up and enjoy the life I have been given,” adds Morgan.

*This article is featured in the Wisconsin Achievers October newsletter, published by the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU)
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