Year Two of Pioneer Driven

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Published Date: 12/3/2020

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Pioneer Driven: Carroll University’s New Vision for Distinction is a strategic plan that charts an ambitious and dynamic course forward: one characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship—and fueled by the dedication and drive of today’s Pioneers.

This seven-year plan, adopted in 2018, builds upon our past success and positions Carroll for continued growth and innovation. Carroll enjoys a reputation for excellence in providing our region with business leaders, healthcare providers and educators. The plan sets an ambitious agenda in four main areas: enhancing teaching and learning; enriching the Carroll experience; building and leveraging partnerships; and growing strategically, with annual objectives in each.

The plan did not anticipate a global pandemic. Nevertheless, and in spite of the additional challenges created by COVID-19, considerable progress was made in year two of the plan. Here are some highlights from 2019-20:

Enhancing Teaching and Learning

Carroll University will become a leader in educating students who are skillfully prepared for lifelong learning and vocational success.

✓ Dedicate space on campus to house an innovation center

“Our new Carroll University Idea Lab in Frontier Hall serves as a hub for ABIC (our Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium), a space where external partners can engage with Carroll faculty, staff and students. Whether a problem solving session or a time to ideate a new strategy, the Idea Lab offers space for innovative and creative thinking.” 

Dr. Mark Blegen, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

✓ Provide ideation and support for faculty and staff to move entrepreneurial areas forward as part of the innovation center

“Working across all levels of the university and with external constituencies, emerging workforce needs in local, regional and national markets are researched and innovative initiatives and educational programs, delivery formats, locations, partners and funding that address workforce needs the advance the university’s mission and strategic plan are proposed. A multi-phase, rapid cycle, team-based new initiative development process, grounded in ideation and flexibility, that considers quality, change, risk, cost and time to market has been developed and implemented.”

 Dr. Jane Hopp, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs - partnerships and innovation

Enriching the Carroll Experience

Carroll University will achieve academic excellence through inclusive excellence.

 Establish new pipelines for recruitment including opportunities to recruit more men

“Establishing new pipelines for recruitment is an important component of our strategic plan. While all our students come together to make our collective campus community, each finds their own path. We have been working to provide more paved pathways to joining us, including the esports program, partnerships with community-based organizations and high schools, recruitment efforts in Puerto Rico, academic programs such as our dual degree engineering partnership with UW-Platteville and more. These efforts will increase enrollment stability and diversity the student body.” 

— Teege Mettille, vice president for enrollment

✓ Develop and implement a task force on diversity

“Under the direction of Dr. Gnadinger, Carroll has developed a diversity task force co-chaired by Vanessa Perez-Topczewski, associate dean for student affairs and Dolores Ocampo Brown ’99, M.Ed. ’10 senior director for alumni engagement. The taskforce has developed a diversity inclusion statement for Carroll, listened to voices of Carroll alumni to effect change and directed the work of a newly formed campus equity team. Perez-Topczewski developed and implemented the second annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit that provided outstanding educational opportunities for our students, staff, faculty and alumni that helps our campus  become a more diverse and inclusive community.”

— Dr. Theresa Barry, Vice President for Student Life

Building and Leveraging Partnerships

Carroll University will maximize the impact of strategic partnerships that focus on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

✓ Establish a partnership to provide educational experiences and interprofessional practice that improves patient care

“Carroll has forged a long-term relationship with the Waukesha Free Clinic at Carroll University (formerly St. Joseph’s Free Medical Clinic). This relationship places the Clinic within the new Carroll University Community Health Services building and partners it with Carroll health science programs. The results of this partnership have expanded care to Waukesha’s medically underserved community, while providing new clinical training opportunities for Carroll Physician Assistant and Nursing students.”

— Thomas Pahnke, dean of the college of health sciences

✓ Hire a pre-college director 

“Carroll University has hired a pre-college coordinator as part of our strategic planning to increase opportunity and access to our high school students in Milwaukee and Waukesha. Martha Hernandez-Krummel '17 has developed an outstanding program that offers students from several high schools the opportunity to come to Carroll and learn more about our majors, athletics and the admission process so students can make informed choices in their senior year of high school. This pipeline to Carroll offers an opportunity for high school students to see what it is like to be in college.” 

— Dr. Theresa Barry, Vice President for Student Life

Growing Strategically

Carroll University will build upon our past successes and continue our upward trajectory by intentionally expanding our educational team, campus footprint and student body.

✓ Hire full-time director of professional development

Professional development of our Carroll faculty and staff is crucial or our success, and in hiring Dr. Carole Chabries, associate vice president for academic affairs - strategic initiatives, academic affairs to oversee our efforts, we bring together our efforts in supporting and developing our community.”

— Dr. Mark Blegen, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

✓ Renovate Education Hall (originally targeted for year five)

“For Carroll, this is an opportunity to build on what is already a strong program in education and to move further into human services. The renovated building and new school recognize and acknowledge the value of this program and provide it with even more prominence and the opportunity to offer more innovative programs.” 

— Dr. Kathy Kramer, Interim Dean of the School of Education and Human Services

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