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Published Date: 11/9/2018

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The time for Carroll University’s Thank a Donor Day is nearly here. The event, held in the Campus Center on Monday, November 12, began in 2015 as an annual celebration of Carroll’s many generous donors. 

The contributions of these donors go to a variety of funds that help 100 percent of Carroll students attend the university and achieve their dreams. In return, students are encouraged to participate in the event’s activities which include filling out postcard thank you notes which will be sent to donors, reflecting on donor impact and displaying their gratitude throughout the day.

This will be Carroll’s fourth year holding the event. The first year saw approximately 300 postcards sent out to charitable donors. The following years witnessed a promising increase in student participation, with 320 postcards being completed back in 2016 and 254 being completed in 2017. This year, the university hopes to send nearly 400 postcards out to all those who have graciously supported Carroll students through their donations. 

“We’re hoping to have more students stop by, more awareness, more excitement, more education of giving back. We'd like to see even more students giving to others and to increase their passion for Carroll,” said Eric Gallagher, Carroll’s director of annual giving. He isn’t the only one anticipating a successful turnout. 

Kim Holland, an animal behavior major and philanthropy fellow in the Office of Institutional Advancement, discussed her aspirations for the event’s fourth year and her reason for participating. "I'm really hoping to break our record this year. Donors give students so much ability to take part in what Carroll offers and often times students forget how amazing our donors are. If I did not receive funds from our donors, I definitely would not have been able to go to Carroll. With the aid I have, I am able to be a part of campus and explore my field of study. Everyone deserves a little thanks!"

Like Kim, the support of Carroll donors has had an impact on nearly every student who has stepped on campus. Make sure to show your appreciation by filling out an official postcard which will be available all-day in the Campus Center on November 12.

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