Democratizing Political Science with Lilly Goren

Author: Carole Chabries

Published Date: 9/17/2021

Categories: Employee Spotlights Faculty and Staff

Lilly Goren, Jake Schreiner, Zachary Zarb
Lilly Goren, Jake Schreiner, and Zachary Zarb at the Midwest Political Science Association
Political Scientists are uniquely positioned to create spaces for teaching and learning about complex topics. So too are podcasts, as sites where scholars and experts engage in public and accessible conversations that help shape public opinion. Our colleague Dr. Lilly Goren excels at bridging scholarly and popular conversations, something she does regularly via her podcasts New Books in Political Science and Postscript, both hosted on the New Books Network.

She’s so good, in fact, that she and her colleague and co-host Dr. Susan Liebell from St. Joseph’s University have been awarded a competitive grant to fund a creative mashup of conference/podcast/workshop called Sounds of Political Violence.  
Sounds of Political Violence creates spaces for scholars to deepen their thinking through disciplinary conversations and to share their work with the public. The series of events combines familiar formats for learning and discussing (i.e., workshops and conferences) with the newer media of podcasts and live virtual events. It is inclusive and democratizing by design, as it makes space for political scientists from wide-ranging demographics -- an array of subfields, varying methodological approaches, and different kinds of academic appointments at a range of colleges and universities – to share and investigate each other’s work, to prepare professionally-edited audio presentations, and to participate in a live, fully public Zoom Q&A.
Dr. Goren is a widely recognized expert in the American presidency, politics, popular culture, and gender.
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