Advisor of the Year: Chris George

Author: Carole Chabries

Published Date: 5/12/2021

Categories: Employee Spotlights Faculty and Staff

WCCX soundboard
Student at WCCX soundboard

Many of us know Chris George as an unassuming tech guru who shows up in our offices to quickly and quietly set up our new devices. Those same characteristics – his humility, efficiency, friendliness, and thoroughness – have earned him the top spot as the 2021 Advisor of the Year.
Chris serves as the advisor to the students who run WCCX, our campus radio station. As an advisor he is “super supportive and not overbearing,” as well as “friendly, focused, speedy, and accurate.” Under Chris’s guidance, the student organization fully met their service requirements and implemented consistent training for new DJs. While the station already runs programming for LaCasa on Saturday mornings, Chris facilitated significant explorations related to increasing listenership and expanding conversations about broadcasting. Chris’s background in technology was an additional asset to the students, as he was able to troubleshoot behind the scenes before small issues became bigger problems.
JeanMarc Barbeau, the station manager, has high praise for Chris: "Chris is one of the most incredibly knowledgeable people I know. He has so much to add and share when it comes to the radio, and I am pretty sure we would not be able to do it without him!"
The Student Life staff Chris interacts with call him “one of the most involved and invested advisors on campus,” noting that he “eases the burden for students and their organization by removing bureaucratic and administrative hurdles so the student experience stays positive.”
After a sound-system upgrade in the MDR, keep an ear out for WCCX playing during the lunch hour. And when you hear it, give a shout-out to Chris.

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