Office Hours: Krista Ruehmer

Author: Carroll University

Published Date: 12/14/2020

Categories: F1RST Magazine Faculty and Staff Social

A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall 203

Krista Ruehmer

Marketing and communications strategist

For many people, Krista Ruehmer is the voice of Carroll University, though it’s unlikely any of them have ever met her in person. Ruehmer is Carroll’s communications and marketing strategist, and chief among her job’s responsibilities is managing many of the university’s social media accounts—including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Ruehmer does this, behind several monitors, at her office in the A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall on Wright Street.

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race bib

Race Bib

A race bib from the Milwaukee Half-marathon hangs on her office wall. Ruehmer is always on the run, and has competed in an estimated 60 half marathons.

coffee mug

Mug Collection

The dozen or so coffee mugs scattered around her office are just part of Ruehmer’s collection. Another 73 are at home. 

Pop! Collectibles

Pop! Figurines

A shelf holds several Funko Pop! collective figurines, including Captain America, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and characters from Schitt’s Creek and Game of Thrones. 

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