Alumnae Meet in Delivery Room

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 10/10/2022

Categories: Alumni

Alumnae Meet in Delivery Room
Left to right: Aimee (Ambrose) Naleway ’13 and Maggie (O’Brien) Denson '19
Many of us have nostalgia of our days at Carroll but what happens when our alma mater meets us years after graduating, away from campus, and through someone we never knew while at Carroll?

Two alumnae can speak to what it feels like meeting other alumni outside of campus - in the delivery room of all places!

When Aimee (Ambrose) Naleway '13 and Maggie (O’Brien) Denson '19 met in the fall of 2021 it was unbeknownst to them that they were both alumnae.

On a stormy September night, Aimee had been admitted to a local hospital in Winfield, IL to give birth to her son. Maggie, an RN on the labor and delivery floor, was assigned to Aimee. They immediately connected and, when asking each other about where they went to college, figured out that their connection was indeed Carroll.

“When I found out she was a Carroll grad I wasn’t completely surprised because I could tell she was the type of person that goes to Carroll. She was so attentive and made me relaxed during my first birth experience,” said Aimee. She knew that she was in good hands, too, knowing that Carroll produces amazing nurses.

Although they were not on campus at the same time, they had similar connections and were both part of Habitat while at Carroll. One of their mutual connections, Jake Eisch, Director of Student Conduct within Student Life, knew both women while they were at Carroll and served as their Advisor for the Habitat for Humanity student organization.

Both women were most recently working for Northwestern Medicine and have been able to reconnect as Aimee’s son approaches his first birthday. Maggie and Aimee’s story is one of thousands of alumni connections made in the Midwest and throughout the world.
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