Alumnae Feature: Sarah Singsime '12 and Christina Ogunnubi '22

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 7/5/2022

Categories: Alumni

Singsime '12

Sarah Singsime '12 - Admission Counselor

What was your favorite thing about Carroll as a student?
There are a lot of things I loved while attending Carroll; it truly felt like home! The small size really gave me an opportunity to be involved in a variety of groups/organizations and I was able to meet people in and outside of my major and form close friendships. I also appreciated that my professors and other staff members I worked with took the time to get to know me. Finally, I loved that I was able to easily explore Waukesha and surrounding areas and all it they offer.

What was your favorite course? 
Ah, that's tough to choose. Some of my favorite courses were my education methods courses because I learned a lot of about putting education into practice and received a lot of great ideas, experiences, and lessons. Another course that I enjoyed was a drawing course that I took as part of the Liberal Studies Program requirements (it reminds me of the Pioneer Core that Carroll has now). At first, I wasn't too sure I would like it because I never saw myself as an artist; however, I ended up really enjoying the course and expanded my drawing skills as well as my opinion on art classes. I still have one of my assignments hanging up in my apartment. 🙂

What was your favorite spot on campus?
I have two: The Bergs and Main Lawn. I have so many great memories in the Bergs, and it was my home for three of my four years at Carroll. My other favorite place is Main Lawn because it is the heart of campus and has a beautiful view. It's a great place to sit and enjoy the day, chat with friends, or read. I also used to play ultimate frisbee with some friends there as well, so I love that it is a space for students to enjoy.

What made you want to come back and work in the Admissions Office?
As a teacher, I was on a committee in my previous district that focused on getting students college and career ready. I became interested in the decision process and options for high school seniors. From there, I began researching careers that focused on this process and found the admission counselor role. I immediately looked at Carroll because my experience here means so much to me, and I love helping students hopefully select Carroll as the best fit for them and their future goals.

From your own experience, what would you tell a prospective student about Carroll as to why they should choose the university for their higher education? 
I would tell a prospective student that they should choose Carroll because there are so many unique opportunities offered here that many of my friends that went to other schools weren't able to experience. The small class sizes provided the opportunity to really get to know my professors and classmates. Finally, the smaller campus gave me the opportunity to get involved in different organizations/roles on campus that provided me with a lot of leadership experience and experience/perspective that I still apply to my life now.

Ogunnubi ‘22

Christina Ogunnubi '22 - Admission Counselor

What was your favorite thing about Carroll when attending as a student?
My favorite thing about Carroll while attending was Homecoming Week. There were always so many fun events, my favorite being Yell Like Hell, and it was always so nice seeing everyone come together to celebrate. It felt like you were living the picure perfect college life.

What was your favorite course? 
My favorite course as a student was by far COM499-Senior Capstone. I shed many tears in this class, but also produced my best work. I was in love with the topic I chose to research as well as being able to analyze all of the data I received.

What was your favorite spot on campus? 
My favorite spot on campus was DEI, there was always a variety of snacks and the environment in there was so lively.

What made you want to come back and work in the Admissions Office? 
My experience here at Carroll is what made me want to come back and work in admissions. I had a great time in the four years I spent here and with COVID disrupting a year and a half of my college experience, what better than to give back? 

From your own experience, what would you tell a prospective student about Carroll as to why they should choose the university for their higher education? 
Carroll is a great university to receive your higher education because there are so many unique experiences Carroll offers like the CCE component when it comes to your classes, being able to actually create different groups on campus, and the ability to go to conferences and see from different perspectives which is important to becoming a well-rounded individual.

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