New Vice President for Institutional Inclusion, Mohammed I.T. Bey

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 6/6/2022

Categories: Alumni Faculty and Staff

Mohammed Bey
Mohammed’s quick smile and humor are disarming, and while there could be a certain amount of pressure on someone who is the “inaugural” in a position, he is clearly excited and up to the challenge to unite the campus. “We want a clear understanding of what belonging means to the institution and then create intentional pathways for fostering inclusion,” says Mohammed of the vision. “Folks on campus are already doing great things. We will look to what is already in the strategic plan and further connect, communicate, and align all parts of campus.” He acknowledges that he is a result-oriented individual but working in the inclusion space won’t necessarily provide those real-time results since it can take years of work before you see the scale tip.

It was Carroll University’s ethos statement that drew in Mohammed to the role. While he wasn’t familiar with Carroll, he was quickly won over by Cindy being the first woman president, the university’s ethos, and the Presbyterian covenant.

Mohammed pulls inspiration from people who are connected to who they are as an individual and people who are out to create a world that’s better for everyone in the end, despite knowing the pain they might endure. “Different thoughts inspire me. Jesus. Muhammad. My kids. Thurgood Marshall, who was a trailblazer. The human side of Dr. King.” But he added, “For a moment in time, I had stayed home with our kids and loved it. However, my wife was adamant and put her professional career on hold to support mine. She wanted to support my ambition to grow professionally... My wife inspires me.”

Mohammed wants you, our alumni and donors, to reach out! “My door is open. This is your institution. Your legacies are attached to this institution. I see you. I am here. And I look forward to the conversations we might have in the future.”

Mohammed is no stranger to the work of belonging, and we are fortunate to have a calm yet driven individual at the helm of inclusion.

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