Alumni Feature: Dean Vernon '86 and Lori (Lundell '85) Vernon

Author: Kelsey DeMarais '07

Published Date: 5/2/2022

Categories: Alumni Communication

Left to Right - Dean Vernon '86, Lori (Lundell ’85) Vernon, Dr. Virginia Parsons, Dr. Ralph Parsons

Dean Vernon ’86 MS.Ed, decided a long time ago that he would never wait until a person's funeral to celebrate their life. He showed such appreciation to Dr. Ralph Parsons who he credits with launching his own 34-year career in School Psychology. Dr. Parsons and his wife, Emerita Professor Dr. Virginia, shared they had never been to a Milwaukee Bucks game despite being fans for decades and they had never ridden in a limousine. Vernon decided they needed to scratch those two items off their bucket list!

Dean and Lori Vernon travelled into town on Thursday, April 7, 2022, from their Michigan home to take the Parsons to dinner at Michael's Italian Restaurant in Waukesha. They then had a limousine pick them up to take them Bucks game that night.

Dean quote: “At the end of the day, we are just four people who were greatly affected by Carroll University: it is where I met my wife and the mother of my seven children, Lori (Lundell ’85) Vernon and where I met the Parsons. I will be forever grateful for my brief four years at Carroll, which changed the course of my life forever!”

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