Student Tom Ness Mor

Student Profile: Tom Ness Mor

Tom Ness Mor is a sophomore from Richmond, Ill. majoring in Actuarial Sciences. He is a recipient of the Class of  1972 Endowed Scholarship Fund for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Why did you decide to attend Carroll?

Carroll has a hometown feel which is very important to me. I grew up with a class of 30 students and a high school of only 100 students. I like the idea that teachers have better interaction with their students in a smaller classroom environment. There is also a welcoming environment at Carroll where everyone is friendly, approachable and provides the resources for students to be successful.

Share a little bit about your interests, hobbies, your family and/or other notes that describe you.

I like to always be doing something in my spare time. Whether it be sports, music, video games, computer practice, etc. My family is very important to me. I also like spending time with my friends. My favorite hobbies are bowling, basketball, and playing the saxophone.

What has been your favorite class? Why?

So far my favorite class has been Financial Accounting. I loved the subject matter but also the professor was extremely helpful in every way. Whether it be making the homework understandable or teaching the course in an interesting manner, the class was really enjoyable and engaging.

What have you enjoyed most about your Carroll experience so far?

I enjoy that everyone on campus is so nice and welcoming. I also appreciate there are so many opportunities Carroll offers for students to be engaged. I've been able to do multiple activities  on campus such as Track & Field, Marching Band, and a few clubs. I really believe I am not only gaining a great academic experience at Carroll but I am growing socially and personally.

Describe why you are majoring in your field of study.

I'm majoring in Actuarial Science because I love statistics. I took an AP statistics course in high school and it was my favorite class. The idea of how almost anything can have a formula to describe it, is fascinating.

What are your future professional goals and/or career plans following Carroll?

Immediately after college I plan on finding the standard 9-5 insurance or banking job. But later in life I have a few business and career goals. I want to eventually do sport science and work for either the NBA or NFL to help advance protection within sports. On the business side, I hope to own and run my own bowling alley one day in the far future, as well as some other possible entrepreneurial ventures.

Are you involved in any activities including sports or organizations on or off campus?

At Carroll, I am currently on the Track & Field team and am starting my own Club Bowling organization this year. I am also in the actuarial science club as the treasurer and part of the Bergstrom Complex Board of students. I am also in pep band, marching band, and I'm a teacher assistant for the CMP112 course. I have not only formed many friendships through these activities but gained many leaderships skills that I will carry forward in my professional career.

Please share a personal note of thanks to the donor helping sponsor your Carroll experience.

To the generous donors of the Class of 1972, I want to say thank you. There is no possible amount of gratitude that I could express to show my thankfulness for this donation. You are helping me and other Carroll students carry out their dreams. Without you, many students like me wouldn't be able to attend places like Carroll. Your support is very inspiring and motivates me to continue to do my best as I continue my studies. Thank you for giving back to Carroll and supporting the Carroll experience!

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

Receiving scholarship assistance supports my future goals and allows me to pursue my dreams. I am grateful there are such generous alumni who give back to help others in their pursuit of a college education. I am grateful for their support sponsoring my time here. I have grown in so many ways during my time here and I don't think I would have been able to afford Carroll without scholarships.

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