Thank a Donor Day 2020

Author: Carroll University

Published Date: 11/19/2020

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2020 has been a challenge for all of us. Thank you for helping lighten the load for our students. Thanks for your support!

Enjoy these notes of appreciation for donor support from Carroll students.

Rebecca Day '24
Thank you so much for everything that you bring to our campus and how much you help. Thank you for helping to improve the overall experience that many people come to Carroll for. Also for helping improve my first year being here and dealing with all the problems that have come with this year. Thank you again for everything.

Ericka Beckman '23
Thank you so much for supporting Carroll! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. I came to Carroll for the direct admit PT program, but I soon realized that I did not want to become a physical therapist. I am so blessed to be able to go to a school where I can change my major completely, and still graduate on time. I am incredibly thankful that I can also play lacrosse in nice facilities where I can enhance my athletic abilities.

Caitlin Troccoli '21
Thanks to your generous support I am the first in my family to attend and obtain my Bachelor's degree. Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges but has also helped me realize the value of further education. My educational pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from donors like you. Thank you for enabling this opportunity!

Matthew Szentes '22
Carroll has provided me with the opportunity to explore many options that can be part of my future. I wanted to say thank you for supporting all that Carroll does.

Katelyn Rohner '24
Thank you for being a donor here at Carroll University! I have enjoyed my first year of college and everything Carroll has made possible with your donations! I am a part of the women's basketball team and I am so honored and blessed to have a great campus and field house to hangout and practice with my teammates. Thank you again!!

Grace Graebel '22
Thank you so much for your donation. I am a music therapy major and I am so grateful for my experiences here at Carroll. Carroll's unique program allows me to pursue my dream of becoming a board-certified music therapist in two years. Thanks to your help, I get to pursue this dream with amazing professors, services, and resources. Thank you for your donation that supports my education and future.

Julia Nelson '21
Thank you so much for being a donor! Going to Carroll has helped me find my enthusiasm for theatre and given me so many great experiences. I really appreciate your support of me and other students.

Kaitlyn Sweeney '21
Thank you so much! I would not have been able to afford coming here and wouldn’t be graduating this May with my BSN,RN if it weren’t for you!

Margaret Hansen '22
Thank you for your support in helping me reach my academic goals. Not only have I found a school that supports me, but also a Carroll Family who has offered me continuous encouragement. I am so grateful to be a Pioneer and I wouldn't be here without your help. Thank you!!

Donovon Parker '24
Thank you for donating to Carroll. People like you make it a dream come true for others to fulfill the Carroll dream with your thoughtfulness and caring gestures. Your gift of giving does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for being great.

Claire Kia '22
I am an older student and am using retirement funds to complete an undergrad degree. I am amazed at the scholarships, Carroll's absolutely excellent response to the pandemic, and other evidence of strong donor support. I've been to college a few times, and this is a special place. I am inspired to become a donor myself after I graduate, and I have not done that with previous schools. Thank you so much for your financial support to Carroll University.

Cooper Albert '23
In these trying times I know how difficult life is and how scarce cash can be with a stalled economy. Thank you for your donation and investment in the future of education. All we want to do is gain the knowledge, experience, and degree to make the world a better place. Your generous donation helps make that possible, thank you.

Morgan Meyer '23
Thank you for much for your continued support of Carroll University. Your generosity allows students like me to engage in student activities, organizations and stay active on our campus and within our community! Thank you!!

Amanda Rose '23
Hi there! Thank you so much for your generous donations to Carroll University! I greatly appreciate your support and providing me the opportunity to grow through my education. Here on campus we are offered so many wonderful opportunities for a variety of majors. I would personally like to thank you for assisting the university in purchasing wonderful equipment for the exercise science department! Also, I would like to thank you for your generous support for the Physical Therapy program's opportunities and equipment! I would also like to thank you for your donations as it helps support Carroll athletics. I am on the Women's Soccer Team here at Carroll. Thank you again for your donations! Go Pios!

Megan McCarty '21
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a Carroll Donor. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today. As a first generation student, it has been a difficult road but I cannot wait to stand in the same steps as you and donate to younger generations. You are making a difference for so many students on campus, and I cannot thank you enough. Your heart is made of gold. Blessed to be writing you this letter.

Kaitlyn Popp '23
Thank you for your genuine generosity towards future and present Carroll students. We truly appreciate your support throughout our four years at Carroll. Without your contributions, many of us wouldn't be able to experience the unique opportunities our university provides. Through your constant support, I have been able to join countless campus organizations and work hard to pursue a healthcare administration degree with a pre-occupational therapy emphasis. Once again, thank you for all that you do to make Carroll University not only a school, but a home.

Sarah Fortman '22
Thank you for making a generous donation to Carroll. As I am just setting out on my experience as a graduate student in Curriculum and Instruction, all of my first impressions of Carroll have been phenomenal. The new Education building where my classes are held is so great for collaborating and easily integrating technology into our lessons. During this time of COVID, we've even been able to have classmates who needed to quarantine join in with us virtually using the technology that was set up in our main room. I am positive this would not have been possible for the school without donors like you. Thank you!

Abigail Manthey '24
Thank you so much for your donation to Carroll University. The programs here provide so much extra help that many other universities do not. Without you, they would not be able to do this and we would not be receiving the education that we are. You are greatly appreciated and are aiding in the creation of a highly educated generation.

Isabella Elandt '24
Thank you for everything you've done to support Carroll University. Your donations are greatly appreciated. I haven't been a student here long, but I can't imagine what this school would be like without your contributions. Thank you!

Hannah Borodin '22
Thank you for being a Carroll University donor. I appreciate people like you who see the value of education. I love being a Carroll student and becoming a life long learner. I am able to do this because of donors like you. I greatly appreciate it!

Brooke Martschinke '24
Thank you for supporting students at Carroll University! Your financial gift has allowed me to follow my dream of becoming a mental health nurse practitioner. Without your support I would not be able to fulfill this goal of mine. Your gift is helping so many students and we thank you for your commitment to helping us receive an education.

Mercer Phlegar '24
Thank you for all that you did for me. It meant so much to me and my family. Hope you and your family are doing well.

Jessica Brown '22
Thank you so much for your generous support! Kind people like you allow students like me to chase after our dreams. I love this school and I love my major, I could not be more grateful that you open your heart to supporting me. Being able to have support from people who may not even personally know me warms my heart and encourages me to keep pushing to succeed. Knowing that there are people out in the world who believe in me and choose to financially help me is incredible. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for donors like you. Any little bit helps me get through the financial responsibility of a degree. Next year I will be starting the doctorate of physical therapy program here at Carroll and while I am nervous, I am excited that I am one step closer to being able to help people. Thank you so much for helping make that dream possible. I pray you and your family are safe, happy, and healthy. Thank you!

Sabrina SamitzMabry '23
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to complete my college degree. Times like this are hard and you’ve helped me continue my education without having to worry. I appreciate you for giving people the chance to follow their dreams!

Bayleigh Little '22
Thank you for supporting first-generation students. Without you, I would not be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Phoebe Poff '23
Hello. My name is Phoebe and I am a sophomore nursing student at Carroll. I am so thankful that I chose Carroll University because the education is great and students and staff are all very nice and helpful. Thank you so much for being a donor and supporting our Carroll community. The endless opportunities for success that we have here as students would not be possible without your support. Once again, thank you!!!

Christina Ogunnubi '22
Thank you for all your donations, without donors like you I would not be able to be where I am today. From a full time student to a Resident Assistant to the Black Student Union to a friend. Thank you so much for letting me be able to have these opportunities.

Lauren VonArx '24
Thank you so much for your continued support of Carroll University. I am a freshman this year, and the overwhelming amount of support, passion, and unity is so heartwarming. Genuinely, I do not think I could find this at another university. Thank you, and I hope you have a lovely day.

McKenna Walczak '23
To a wonderful Carroll donor— thank you so much for your generosity. I am incredibly grateful for your donation that has helped contribute towards my tuition. You make so many differences in so many students' lives and play a role in their educational journey. You are so appreciated!

Danielle Panella '23
Thank you so much for supporting me in my educational journey. Without donors like you, getting a college education would not be possible for me or many other students. You are helping us to live out our dreams. Thank you so much for all that you do for us.

Laura Schramm '24
Thank you to all the donors, who support Carroll University, the staff and us students! I am very grateful for these people who do good to other young people and support their school and careers. For me, I am extra grateful because someone from this country helps me to pay for my school tuition fees in form of donating money to my scholarship. Without the scholarship, the fees would be too expensive and I am glad I get the chance to study in the U.S. as a foreign exchange student from Germany! It is a wonderful experience and I don't want to miss out on. I love being part of the Pios and this community! Thank you to all the donors out there, who make it possible for so many students!

Emily Dunne '23
Dear Carroll Donor, Thank you so much for your incredible generosity in donating to students like me. I greatly appreciate your investment in my education and the education of other Carroll University students. Without you, my education would not be possible and not a day goes by that I don't think about your generosity. Thank you for continuing to support Carroll University and supplying our campus with all of the best tools to be able to maximize our education and helping me become the best doctor I can be one day. Thank you again for everything you have done for me and my fellow Pioneers.

Isabel Szablewski '23
Generous Donor, Thank you so so so much for your support in my Carroll experience. I have dreamed of going to college since I was little and without your generosity my dream would never have come true. You have truly helped make my dreams come true! Thank you! My appreciation of your support is bountiful and cannot be put into words. Thank you so much for believing in me and supporting my Carroll experience! Without you, it would not be possible.

Spencer Toussaint '21
Thank you so much for supporting our school. I have had a wonderful time here pursuing my education. I enjoy the clubs as I am part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and was part the Animal Welfare club. I enjoy all my classes as well as the food and events. None of this would be possible without the kind donations from one of you. I so much appreciate your kindness and generosity for my wonderful Carroll experience.

Kathleen Robb '21
Thank you for your support of Carroll University! I first came to Carroll when it was still Carroll College back in 2004 to get my secondary education certification and because of the wonderful faculty and staff, I knew that it was where I wanted to return for my elementary license education. The opportunities and flexibility that Carroll has given me as a single, full time working mother is second to none! I sincerely appreciate all that you have given to allow me to return to an even better campus and experience.

Evelyn Alvarado '24
Thank you so much for everything you do! This year hasn’t been what I would expect my first college experience to be, but it’s still the best I could’ve gotten!

Wilhelmina Zastrow '24
Thank you. Thank you for your very generous donation. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get an education. Thank you for allowing me to go to my dream school. Because of people like you, I and so many students are able to go to Carroll University. Without contributions like yours I wouldn’t have been able to come here. I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education. I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my aspirations of becoming a nurse. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me attend this wonderful school. Thank you.

Sophie Johnson '22
Thank you so much for donating to Carroll. I have been going to school here the past few years, and my education here would not be possible without you. Your contribution allows me to experience the best for my education. Thank you once again for all of your contributions. My time at Carroll would not be the same without it.

Madelynne Elworthy '23
Thank you for supporting Carroll. With your help I am able to continue going to a school with a beautiful campus and learning environment.

Jesica Lovas '24
I'm grateful to be able to be a part of Carroll University in hopes to be a registered nurse someday. It has always been a dream of mine to have a career that has personal satisfaction and is meaningful to the world. I want a name, not a number. With your contributions to our campus, I thank you for your generosity for creating a better education for myself and my fellow classmates. You have made our futures possible for better places. You have helped me in achieving my name, and with that I give you my fullest gratitude. I hope this message finds you well. Stay safe, stay warm, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Georgin Kaniyaly '21
I am in my last year at Carroll and I can't believe how fast it has gone by. It has been some of the best years of my life. This would not have been possible if not for the scholarships I got because of generous donations made by donors such as yourself. Thank you so much for your contributions. You have made it a lot easier for students such as myself to get a great education at Carroll.

Syril Philip '21
Thank you for being a donor. I appreciate it. While it makes a difference, not many are willing to do this.

Tiera White '22
I am forever grateful for the Carroll donors. With their financial support they have positively impacted the lives of many students. For some, college has always felt unattainable or impossible because it's expensive. Luckily, for students at Carroll this stress is alleviated because of the financial support from our generous donors. Our university wouldn't be the same without donors. They are amazing and make the CU experience worth while.

Valeria Velazquez '24
I come from a really small town in Puerto Rico where the vast majority of students go on to study in the university of Puerto Rico, but I always found myself dreaming of studying outside of my culture and learning about a new one. Coming to Carroll gave me the opportunity to set off on my own and learn who I truly am as an individual. So I thank you. I thank you for giving me the chance to explore and make this big change in my life. I will be forever grateful.

Kieran LylesMeans '24
Thank you so much for your generous donations, it is greatly appreciated. Without your generous donation, we would not have all of the nice things that we do or the wonderful opportunities that we are provided here at Carroll. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us!

Anna Crespo '24
Thank you very much for contributing to the education of so many students. We appreciate all that you have done for our university. I likely would have chosen to go to a different university if it weren't for your donation. Now that I have chosen to attend Carroll, I cannot imagine going to any other university. It has been a great experience so far and I have you to thank you for making this education possible.

Julie Anderson '23
Hi! Thank you so very much for your support! I have appreciated your gift immensely because it has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion, teaching. The moment I realized I wanted to be an educator was after my first experience in a classroom. Working one on one with the kids to help them understand something they didn't once understand was so rewarding that time just flew by. Words can't express how thankful I am for the gift you have given me. God Bless!

Myah Harder '24
I am a freshmen at Carroll, and things have been a little weird to say the least. However, thanks to your donation and generous scholarships, this year has become a little easier on me. Thank you for supporting me in my dreams for higher education, becoming a nurse, and becoming a pioneer! Hope that you are staying safe and healthy!

Sierra Miller '23
I just wanted to show my appreciation for the donor support here at Carroll University. I feel that your donations are the key towards our success in diminishing the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. Carroll has been able to provide students with many safe options of learning and living on campus, and I believe that this is only possible through your donations. Carroll University provides a great experience for those who desire to pursue their higher education while keeping a safe environment. Thank you Carroll donors for aiding this campus so that it can continue to protect and educate its students.

Michelle Castillo '24
Thank you for your generous, kind, and supportive effort to help our community in all ways possible. We appreciate your time and loving actions you take out of your days to make a change and help our community succeed. Everything you do, really does mean a lot and we couldn't ask for much more.

Miriam Allen '24
Hi Carroll donor! Thank you so much for your generosity! Without the support you have given Carroll, so many of the opportunities we have would not be the same. When I was deciding on where to go to college, cost was a huge factor. Thanks to your generosity, my fear of being in debt for going to college is lessened! I can now focus on my schooling without stressing about finances, thanks to you! Anyway, thank you so much for everything you do for this University and for students like me!

Jennaca Zaccaria '23
Thank you for you donation and for making the ability to receive a college education a possibility. I wouldn't be on this campus without generous donations from people such as yourselves. Being the first in my family to attend college, the idea just seemed so far fetched, expensive and therefore unattainable. Thank you for helping make my dream a reality.

Gabriella Sarmiento '23
Thank you so much for your generosity. Your willingness to give despite the pandemic that is among us has really impacted me personally and I am very grateful to you! This year I have been able to focus on my studies and have the privilege in participating in opportunities I did not experience my previous year here and it would not have been possible without your support. I do hope that you and those important to you are doing well despite the hardships this pandemic may have brought upon you. Your contribution to this institution, the students and the many avenues Carroll provides for all of us involved is being used for the betterment for our characters and lives after our time here. I know personally it has helped me see the world in many new ways and is preparing me for my time to enter the world when I graduate. Carroll and everyone involved in my place here as a student have really helped me realize my potential, my strengths and weaknesses and how to harness all I have acquired towards the ultimate goal of becoming a model citizen when it's my turn to enter the world. Just knowing that I have someone like you that cares for my education outside of my circle of influence is such a blessing and it really humbles me that I am able to further my education because of your support. I am so grateful to Carroll that I have a way to thank you personally and again I appreciate you immensely. I wish you all the best for the end of this year and for the new year to come.

Joshua Kovach '23
Thank you for your support, I wouldn't be able to attend school if it wasn't for your help!

Megan Stritesky '22
Thank you so much for all the support you have given to each student and the school. You are so appreciated.

Marissa Krupa '20
Thank you very much for the generous donation. It is very much appreciated! Your donation helps me and many other students to be able to continue our studies.

John Kuehl '23
Words can’t describe how thankful I am of you! Especially during this crazy time we are all experiencing. You’re truly a blessing to us.

Charmy Patel '21
Thank you so much for donating to Carroll. Your donations are making our best experiences at Carroll. I am very thankful to all the Carroll donors. Keep supporting Carroll in future. Once again, thank you so much donors!

Elizabeth King '24
Thank you so much for all your support. Carroll would not be the same without you, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to go to this beautiful school. All your work does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

Alexandra Dyson '22
Thanks so much for being a donor! Without your help, so many of us would not be able to get an amazing education at Carroll. We are so grateful!

Jada Rogers '24
Hi! Thank you donors for your generous donations! It is greatly appreciated as I would not have been able to attend Carroll without your donations. I’ve had an amazing time here despite having to experience all the changes and differences due to COVID, but I’ve made the best of the situation. I still got to have lots of fun with my friends and classmates and I was still able to have a good college experience. Thanks again for everything that you’ve done for me, my classmates, and this campus!

Abbey Casey '22
Without Carroll donors, it wouldn't be possible for me to attend Carroll. The generous gift you have given the university is worth so much more than its monetary value, it's providing students like me a top quality education in order to better our futures. I will forever be grateful to Carroll donors for providing me with the opportunity to attend this institution, and pursue a degree to hopefully end up with my dream career! Thank you!

Abigail Janke '23
Thank you so much for all you have done for our school! It means so much to me that you have chosen to support Carroll and support our education here. Thank you for allowing me to explore my passion here at Carroll and making all of the wonderful opportunities Carroll offers us possible.

Payton Severson '23
I just wanted to thank you for all of your contributions to our university. You are an appreciated member of our Carroll community! This institution wouldn't be as amazing and progressive as it is without you. Your donations to our institution of higher learning are appreciated beyond measure! I love being a part of this awesome university and you help make my dreams come true! There are so many opportunities to enhance our learning abilities and events to keep us involved & meet new people. I am a Residence Assistant this year and am also in the Nursing Program, and there is no other institution I would rather be a part of!

Andie Brown '21
Thank you so much for your generosity to Carroll University. It is because of people like you that allow students, like myself, to attend this wonderful university. Thank you!!!

Lucy Johnson '23
Thank you so much for donating to carroll university! I appreciate you so much! I work in the biology department and we have a lot of expensive equipment that we are able to keep running because of you! I hope you are able to see how important your donations are to my experience here as well as all the students.

Rebekah Sprouse '24
I want to express my gratitude for your generous donation. It has had such a positive impact on my Carroll experience.

Anna Houle '24
Thank you for donating and caring for others! Your donation will help others more than you know.

Katherine Schwarze '23
Thank you so much for all of your generosity and support that you continue to show through my college experience. I have learned so much about the world around me as well as myself through my classes and the connections that I have made here at Carroll. Thank you so much for helping me work towards a brighter future.

Meghan Grimm '21
Thank you so much for participating in giving to enhance our journey here at Carroll University. Because of your gifts, we are able to make connections with faculty, students, and future employers that allow doors to be opened and relationships to be formed. Throughout my years here, now entering my last, the opportunities that I have been given would not be possible without your help and gift.

Emily Geffers '21
Thank you donors for your help!

Sydney Halversen '23
Thank you so much for all your support to Carroll University. Carroll has truly become my home and without your support and help, that would not be possible. Carroll has the best facilities and programs that will help us all to succeed in the future. Thank you so much!

Abigail Kugler '22
Thank you so much for your support!! Without it, I would not have been able to attend Carroll and for that, I am so grateful! I love the program that I am in and it is such a blessing to be able to pursue something I love and have the opportunity to work with other people. Thank you again so much! Your generosity is appreciated so much and I cannot express how thankful I am.

Jacob Bozek '24
Thank you so much for keeping our classrooms up and running during these hard times!

Danielle Larscheid '24
Thank you so much for donating and your support towards carroll!

EthanRay Dado '21
Thank you for your support and committing your time and effort to uplifting the Carroll experience!

Jarod Klaus '22
Thank you for donating! As someone whose main concern going into college was the cost it means a lot. Being able to receive some help in that area helps take a lot off my shoulders going forward in life. Seeing how many people I've known that have struggled with college debt, being given a hand is amazing. Again thanks for donating! You're awesome!

Sean Martinez '24
Thank you donor for giving me the opportunity to further my education and make my family proud of who I am and who I will become. Your support is helping me teach the youth of America to grow and be great.

Samuel Dorchester '24
Thank you Carroll donors. Coming to Carroll and getting into the Physical Therapy program was very important to me and without the support I have been given l wouldn’t have been able to make it. For sports too. The help with the soccer team helps me as well.

Bettie Perr '24
Thank you so much for your donations to Carroll. College is stressful in a lot of different ways, but money especially has kept me up at night more than once and sometimes for weeks at a time. Your donations help to ease my mind and actually takes so much weight off of my shoulders. It is beyond comforting to know that there are people like you who are willing to help complete strangers. Thank you so much for your donations to Carroll University, they really do affect so many lives!

Kristen Reszka '21
Thank you so much for graciously helping me during my Carroll experience! With your help, I am able to volunteer more, gain valuable experience in the field of psychology, and follow my dreams in becoming a psychiatrist! Thank you again!

Jared SlieffVogt '24
Thank you so much for your support. I would not be able to attend Carroll University without your donation. I've been having a wonderful experience here at Carroll and that is largely due to you. I will continue to work hard, and work to fulfill the values that this school upholds.

Deimante Rutkauskaite '23
Thank you so much for donor support. It makes my experience at Carroll so much better knowing that there's someone out there looking out for others. So I'd like to thank you for the kindness in your heart to reach out and help other people. As someone who comes from a difficult financial place, I know that a lot of people appreciate what you do every day. I hope that you have an amazing rest of your year!

Maribel Aguilar '23
Thank you for the kind action of donating! Without your donation, many experiences would have been unlived. Giving the opportunity for students to attend college is such a generosity that is grateful to this institution. Again, thank you for supporting not only the university but also upcoming successful students.

Rachele Canda '23
Thank you so much for your generosity. With your help, it allows me to further my education as a nurse and continue to better my knowledge at Carroll University that will be applied out in the world. Your support is very beneficial for a vast amount of students in this institution and we are all very grateful for your kindness.

Connor Peterson '24
Thank you for your support and help with my college experience and I’m grateful for it.

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