Fall 2020 Virtual Art Gallery Show

Author: Carroll University

Published Date: 9/1/2020

Categories: Art Faculty and Staff Visual and Performing Arts

Form and Flowers: New Work by Pete Loose and Paul Moran
September 10-October 1, 2020
Joyce Paddock Bliss Art Gallery, Main Hall

Pete Loose

This series of “untitled” ceramics is a result of my recent investigation into the many layers of color, texture, and form. Overshadowed by the “Covid” stay at home restrictions, I was able to create, explore, and observe the clay by setting aside past technical experiences. Sometimes, as artists, we have to dismantle the concept to generate new ideas. My thoughts were to rely on my intuition, react to what’s in front of me and trust the process. The aesthetic is garnered by quiet bliss.
— Pete Loose; Adjunct Lecturer, Art

Paul Moran

The artwork on the walls represents the last 7 months of inquiry into drawing and painting flowers- but it was always more concerned with the traces I left, the material I used, the feeling it gave me. Moving through narrative structure and then apprehending an opening, attempting to hang on to the anxious and the beautiful.
— Paul Moran; Adjunct Lecturer, Education
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Form and Flowers

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