Carroll honors educators at Celebrating Education

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Published Date: 5/8/2019

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Educators recently were honored at Celebrating Education during the university’s Celebrate Carroll event. Celebrating Education highlights individuals in the education department as well as professionals in the field who create and lead outstanding learning experiences for students.

“The word that is truly highlighted with this year’s event is ‘impact.’ Collectively, these educators work across 19 schools in 12 school districts and organizations. We have teachers and leaders with us tonight who are working in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Green, Racine, Portage and Rock counties,” said Kimberly White, chair of the Education Department.

“The work we do together at Carroll University is making an impact across the region. We recognize the contributions of these individuals and celebrate the promise of what is to come because of the teachers and leaders who move education forward,” she said.

Carroll education faculty asked education partners across the region to nominate teachers and leaders who are making a positive impact in their organizations.

Award Winners

Pre-service Educator and Early Career Educator award winners
Pre-service Educator and Early Career Educator award winners

Promising Pioneer Pre-service award winners

The Pre-service awards recognize outstanding Carroll students who promise to make a significant impact in the field of education. 

  • Amber Bizub, Pre-service Elementary
  • Katherine Bruckner, Pre-service Secondary

Promising Pioneer Early Career Educators

The Early Career Educator award is presented to alumni educators within the first three years of their careers to recognize any combination of the following: positive impact on schools or communities, innovation in designing learning experiences and advocacy for students. 

  • Colleen Buetow
  • Madison Corey
  • Stephanie Fote
  • Rebecca Madsen
  • Emily McDonald
  • Kasey Metz
  • Katherine Plotkin
  • Samantha Rudi
  • Eliane Sauve
  • Brent Stefanich
  • Danielle Soika
Pre-service Educator Mentor award winner
Pre-service Educator Mentor award winner

Pre-service Mentor Educator

Debbie Berg* was honored with the Pre-service Mentor Educator award, which recognizes those who have impacted the field of education through their leadership and mentoring of students and teachers. 

Carroll University also honored Stephanie Fote and Berg at the Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (WACTE) Sixth Annual Recognition of Outstanding Early Career Educators and Pre-Service Educator Mentors award ceremony in Madison, where 49 teachers from 25 Wisconsin institutions were honored for professional excellence.  

Early Career Leader award winners
Early Career Leader award winners

Early Career Leaders

This was the second year Carroll recognized Early Career Leaders with an award. They were nominated based on any combination of the following: positive impact on schools and communities, advocacy for students and positive leadership throughout an organization. 

  • Cynthia Bell Jimenez
  • Cheryl Belott
  • Karen Knopf
  • Rae McClain
  • Marisa Riepenhoff
  • Kimberly Sadowski
  • Cate Sebastian

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