Alumni couple Maria (Hibicki) '86 and Steve '84 Zagorski

Maria (Hibicki) '86 and Steve '84 Zagorski

Steve and I had become the best of friends over the years, and I remember how difficult it was for us to think about dating. We were afraid of losing our friendship, if the dating did not work out.

We decided to begin dating, and it was the best decision of our lives. We remained best friends, but now had found true love also. Our friends teased us, saying we had always been dating.

But we knew the truth - we learned how to be best friends first, and then we learned how to be truly in love. The friends we had at Carroll came to our wedding in 1989, and reminded us of the place where it all started.

Carroll holds a special place in our hearts. We gave our hearts to each other because of our time as friends there.

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