Michelle (Wendricks) '91 and  Kyle '91 Bedalov

Michelle (Wendricks) '91 and  Kyle '91 Bedalov

Freshman year I lived on 2nd Steele. And back in the late 80s, that floor had a reputation of being a bit louder than most floors, along with a couple in South Bergstrom.

We had some people in our room, around 10. Michelle and her friends were looking to meet people, so they left Kilgour and traveled to our building. At this point, we had not met.

When they arrived at our floor, Michelle asked what everyone's name was. Everyone in the room said their name was Kyle. I had no idea that my friends were going to do that.

Michelle later told me after we started dating that she was not my biggest fan that day.  She is still convinced that I put them all up to it.

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