Alumni couple Carole (Niehoff) '61 and Charley '59 Anderson

Carole (Niehoff) '61 and Charley '59 Anderson

September, 1957 and I returned for my Junior year at Carroll early to start my job with Dale Johnson, taking care of the dining room floor. On the first night on campus there was a mixer for the freshmen, a square dance in the Union Ballroom

Some of us attended, standing around the wall, ostensibly checking out possible pledges for Beta Pi Epsilon. I was very soon distracted by this great pony tail on a beautiful freshman woman. Forgetting about possible pledges I kept watching her throughout the mixer. 

When it was over she made a rapid retreat down the stairs, with me a few steps behind, and over to the coat rack. I asked if I could help her with her coat. When she said "yes" my hopes went up a notch! Another "yes" when I asked if I could walk her to her dorm, and up another notch!! She agreed to a walk around campus and a third notch!!! We walked and talked until the lights on Voorhees started flashing. 

I thought things were going well so I took the next step and asked if I could see the next day. She said they had activities planned for them all day but nothing at night. Notch #4!!!! I said I would meet her after dinner and we could continue getting to know each other better. No fifth notch when I asked for a kiss, but I was very happy with the four notches and walked back to the Beta house, anxious for tomorrow night. 

The next night went well and we have been a couple ever since. Dating until spring 1958 when we were pinned, engaged two years later and married May 20, 1961, two weeks before she graduated. We had a great 63 together, never more than a few miles from Carroll, and we enjoyed being close to the place where we met and fell in love. Fifty nine of those years as husband and wife, until Alzheimer's took her from me on October 23, 2020. 


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