Alumni couple Jake Rowoldt and Brittany (Kohls) Rowoldt

Brittany (Kohls) Rowoldt '11 and Jacob Rowoldt '11

It started on freshman move in day in North Berg. I was walking through the hallways looking to meet friends when Jake and two of his friends invited me and a girl I met a little earlier that day into their dorm to hang out for a bit. We exchanged numbers and became great friends! Nine months later we made our relationship official and four years after that we got married. We now have been married six years with a beautiful 2-year-old daughter.

What makes our family's story even cooler is that my parents both met each other at Carroll and have now been married for over 30 years AND my sister and her husband met at Carroll as well and have been married for five years. There has been a lot of Carroll University love in my family throughout the years!
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