Amy (Sroka) Schubert ’14 and Cameron Schubert ’12 photo

Amy (Sroka) Schubert ’14 and Cameron Schubert ’12

Cameron and I attended Carroll University together but never met until mutual friends set us up in the summer of 2013 (those two friends are both Carroll Alumni and now happily married – Celina (Lozano) Swartz & Nick Swartz). 

When we were introduced, Cameron had already graduated from Carroll and was living in a lake house with a few college/Carroll soccer friends and was more focused on his passion for amphibians than finding “the one.” I was finishing up my education degree at Carroll, living off campus on Carroll Street and was slowly turning into a single crazy cat lady.  

A very unlikely pair, but we became close friends that summer. The friendship quickly turned into love at the legendary Landmark Lanes in Milwaukee while playing a round of darts with friends. Cameron supported me through my last year at Carroll, which included the stress of student teaching and was there to watch me graduate. Fast-forward six months in the living room of the apartment we shared together, where Cameron got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to make all of our big dreams a reality. 

We bought our first home together in April 2016, and on July 23, 2016 we were married at a beautiful barn outside of Madison. Crazy to think back to our time together, at Carroll University, where our love story started. 

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