Kristin (Muehl) Lookatch '10 and Bill Lookatch '10 photo

Kristin (Muehl) Lookatch '10 and Bill Lookatch '10

Bill and I met in 2007 as undergraduates in our second semester Experimental Psychology course. He was the smart and funny guy in class, always so confident and outgoing. I knew almost instantly that he was someone special, and I developed a huge crush on him (even though I didn't even really know him yet!)

I let my crush stay a secret for several weeks, and it wasn't until late February when Bill tracked down my email address and sent me a message asking for a date. After that first date we became inseparable! We joke now that it was the first date that lasted three months.   

In May, Bill left for an internship in Bloomington, Ind. I visited him every weekend and he came back as much as he could.  Within a year and a half, we were married. We will be celebrating 10 years this August.  We have two wonderful children, Sofia, who is eight and Walter, who is four.  It was because of Carroll University that I met my soul mate.

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