Cathy Leinweber Schlieter '82 and Kurt Schlieter '80

Cathy and I met in band in the fall of 1979. I was second chair 1st Clarinet, and Cathy was second chair 2nd Clarinet, which meant she sat directly behind me. She made sure I knew she was back there, by occasionally kicking my chair. She really didn't have to, it was hard not to notice a tall gorgeous blonde with a great smile and fun personality. 

We would make small talk and do the silly flirting things that college students do. It finally got serious at the Christmas Concert in 1979. Back then I wore a long black coat and an antique English bowler hat. After the concert a group of us was standing around in the Shattuck lobby when Cathy came up from behind me and stole my hat. Now this hat was very old and a prized possession, but somehow having her take it didn't seem all that bad. I yelled out that I knew where she lived, and I would get the hat later. 

After a couple of hours, I walked over to North Bergstrom and made my way up to 5th floor, (back in the days before secured entrances). It was quite late already and the hallway lights were off except for the couple that stayed on all night. At the far end of the hallway Cathy was wearing some long '60's hippie dress that Louise Guerin had brought over from the art department. It went well with the hat. We ended up talking far into the night, and started dating soon after. Thirty-eight years later we're still together. I still have that hat as well. 

I like to say that she stole my hat and stole my heart. 

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