Ashley (Joers) Flatland '13 and Tanner Flatland '13 photo

Ashley (Joers) Flatland '13 and Tanner Flatland '13

Tanner and I had what you could call "chemistry." Chemistry 101, to be exact, with Dr. Schuder. 

On the first day of this freshman lab at Carroll, Dr. Schuder told the class to pair up. I looked around and saw a red-headed guy who was also in a few of my other classes. 

So, red-headed guy - sorry, Tanner - do you want to be my lab partner? Tanner's exact response: "Ugh, if I have to," sarcastically, followed by a chuckle. Right then, I knew we'd get along great. 

Dr. Schuder knew it, too, scientifically speaking. Once everyone was paired up, he said, "I see a few opposite sex lab partners in the room and to one of you, congratulations." 

Confusion across the lab. He continued, "I have had multiple lab partners come back to me saying that they have gone on to get married and they met in this very class. So, to one of your lab partnerships you might just be looking at your future wife or husband!" 

I look wide-eyed at my lab partner, Tanner, who was just minutes ago some red-haired co-ed. Tanner looks back and says, "What's up, future wife!"

Tanner did great in the class, pulling me along until I dropped halfway through the semester. He went through a few other lab partners after that!

Fast forward to the present day: We have been together for 8 years, married for 3, with a beautiful 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter and a dog.

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