Missy Heschke ’16 and Josh Barker ’16 photo

Missy Heschke ’16 and Josh Barker ’16

In January 2015 I went on my CCE trip to South Dakota to teach on an Indian Reservation. Little did I know, that trip would change my life! That is where I met my fiancé, Josh. We had been on the same campus for two and a half years and it took us a 14-hour trip to South Dakota to cross paths.

We really hit it off while teaching out there for two weeks. We came back to Carroll and continued to hang out and eventually started dating. When we graduated in 2016 we both took jobs at the same Indian Reservation and moved out there for a year. Carroll really helped us find love in places we weren’t looking.

Our Carroll Love story continues with our wedding coming up this summer, being held at Carroll University!

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