Reunion Gatherings

Join us for a reunion gathering to reconnect with classmates at Carroll. This year we're celebrating milestone reunions for classes ending in a 7 or a 2 (ie: 2002 and 1987). However, all alumni are invited to join fellow Pioneers at their decade reunion throughout the weekend!

Carroll alumni from the 1960's

50th Reunion Celebration

Class of 1972 will be celebrating their 50th Reunion!

Carroll Golden Pioneer alumni reuniting at a gathering

Golden Pioneer Brunch Reunion

All graduating classes before, and including, 1972, honoring milestone reunions for the Classes of 1967 (55th Reunion), 1962 (60th Reunion), 1957 (65th Reunion), 1952 (70th Reunion), and 1947 (75th Reunion).

Carroll alumni from the 1970's

'70s Decade Gathering

Classes of 1970–79

Celebrating 45th and 50th Reunions

Carroll alumni from the 1980's

'80s Decade Gathering

Classes of 1980–89

Celebrating 40th and 35th Reunions

Carroll alumni from the 1990's

'90s Decade Gathering

Classes of 1990–99

Celebrating 30th and 25th Reunions

Carroll alumni from the 2000's

'00s Decade Gathering

Classes of 2000-11

Celebrating 20th and 15th Reunions

Carroll alumni from the 2010's

Young Alumni Gathering

Classes of 2012–22

Celebrating 10th, 5th, and 1st Reunions

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend  |  Sept. 29- Oct. 2, 2022

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