Frequently Asked Questions

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend

What time is the parade?
The parade is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m.

Can I get a tour of campus?
Yes! Campus Tours will departing from the Homecoming Resource Table in the Campus Center Lobby between the hours of 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Motorized tours will be available.

Check out the 2022 Homecoming-at-a-Glance PDF for a weekend overview and campus map.

Where are the best places to park?
If you are attending your 50th Class Reunion (classes of 1972), Golden Pioneer Reunion (classes of 1967, 1962, 1957, 1952, 1947) or the Golden Pioneer Luncheon, the Campus Center parking lot (lot 3) is reserved for you. For all other guests, we encourage you to park in any of the other campus lots.  

Where are the designated handicapped parking stalls?
There are handicapped parking stalls throughout campus. You will find 5 stalls in the lot adjacent to the Campus Center (lot 3), 7 stalls in the Otteson Lot (lot 9) towards the east side of the lot and 2 in the lot just south of Schneider Stadium and adjacent to the Crofts Morava Pavilion (lot 7). Additional stalls are posted in each of the other campus lots.

Are there any changes on campus in the past few years?
The Carroll campus is a vibrant environment. While there are numerous changes and updates each year, some of the most notable are the following: Education Hall, reopened in Fall 2020 after extensive renovations, offers cutting edge classrooms, quiet study areas and collaborative spaces that will help prepare students to be effective, innovative educators; the Community Health Services Building expands educational and clinical opportunities for the university's College of Health Sciences graduate and undergraduate students; Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall which houses nursing, exercise science and the Bucyrus Center for Applied Physics and Engineering and Michael and Mary Jaharis Science Laboratories which combines state of the art teaching laboratories, research spaces and instrumentation rooms enhancing the learning experience for all Carroll students, especially those in health and medical science fields. The Crofts Morava Pavilion was constructed in 2016 and is a perfect venue to view outdoor athletic events and is used as an outdoor classroom. Renovations include Rankin Hall which includes updated academic space while preserving its historical beauty and significance, and Van Male Fieldhouse renovations were completed in 2015. 

Is there an ATM on campus?
There is an ATM in the lobby of the Campus Center.

What faculty and staff are attending weekend events?
Many faculty and staff members will be on campus throughout the weekend. Access email addresses for your favorite faculty or staff member here to try to make a connection.

What are “decade gatherings”?
What could be nicer than seeing familiar faces, meeting with old friends and reminiscing with all of the students who called Carroll home while you were here? Decade gatherings are celebrations of all alumni from the decade, with special honor to those celebrating their class reunion (grad years ending in a 2 or 7). 

Can I bring my children to my decade gathering?
Homecoming & Reunion Weekend is a great time to come back and reconnect with campus and friends. While the majority of the weekend is family friendly, the decade reunion events are designed as a time for classmates to be able to relax and enjoy adult conversation. 

It’s not my reunion year, should I still attend?
YES! There are great events scheduled throughout the weekend. Decade gatherings are a celebration of all alumni from the decade, with special honor to those celebrating their class reunion (grad years ending in a 2 or 7). 

How many students are at Carroll today?
There are about 3,000 undergraduate students at Carroll today and nearly 500 graduate students.

What is the alcohol policy?
No alcohol is allowed in the stadium. Tailgating with alcohol is only allowed in the tennis court parking, the Otteson lot and the Barstow lot.

Can I bring bottles or cans?
These are prohibited in the stadium. Clear and visible signs are located at the front entrance of the stadium alerting fans to the rule.

What is not allowed in the stadium?
Bottles, cans, and firearms are prohibited. With exception to guide dogs, dogs are also not allowed inside the stadium.

What will happen in case of inclement weather?
In the event of severe weather, fans will be sent to the Van Male Field House. Teams must go into locker rooms. Public Safety and Waukesha Police are on site as well for any other emergencies.

Are there accommodations in the stadium for those with disabilities?
See event staff. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) seating is available in the mezzanine. An elevator is available.

Where can I find lost items?
Seek lost items at the concession stand during the game. After the game, please check with the Information Desk in the Campus Center.

What do I do if I cannot find my child?
Report to the press box for an announcement over the PA system. Also, seek out event staff and Public Safety officers on site.

Where can I change my baby?
There are changing stations in the public restrooms located behind the Quad/Graphics Team Center.

Where are the restrooms?
You'll find restrooms behind the Quad/Graphics Team Center. There are also porta potties in the northwest corner of the Otteson lot and in the lot just south of Schneider Stadium, near Crofts Morava Pavilion and many of the tailgate tents.

What if I need medical attention?
Contact any event staff that is present at the game. Event staff members wear bright orange or navy blue shirts. First aid kits are available and an ambulance is on scene for all home football games.

Can I use cameras or video recorders?
There are no restrictions on the use of cameras and video recorders.

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