Graduate Of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) Nomination Form

The following criteria should be met for all nominations.

The nomination will be active for two (2) years, after which it will expire. Resubmission is possible after this timeframe. It is our process that you (the nominator) submit all nomination and application materials pertinent to the nominee. In addition to the nomination form below, please submit additional materials such as: résumé, LinkedIn profile, letter of recommendation, or any news articles, websites or other pertinent information regarding the candidate.  All nominations and accompanying research are kept in the strictest confidence.

Nominate Your Candidate

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Please share professional successes this person has achieved within their industry or organization. I.e. outside presentations, awards, leadership roles, professional associations, etc.
Please articulate the range of events, activities, or projects with one or more organizations this person is, or has been, involved in. Please note the role and/or responsibilities this person took in various projects or with certain organizations.
Please share how this person has stayed connected to Carroll University since graduation and how they have shared any time, talent or treasure. Please list any volunteer or formal leadership roles they have held with the university.
How does this person live out the Carroll University Mission (Carroll University provides a superior education, rooted in its Presbyterian and liberal arts heritage, and draws upon its Christian tradition to prepare all students for vocational success, lifelong learning and service in a diverse and global society.) and Ethos (Ethos: noun | ee-thos | Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs of a person, group or organization. At Carroll University, we are partners in creating a community that embraces respect, integrity, and stewardship. The quality of our life together is central to our mission of excellence in teaching, learning and service. Respect - We will honor the dignity and worth of each member of our diverse community by building relationships of trust. We will be civil and kind as we engage one another in our work. Integrity - We will offer our best selves and trust that others will do the same through honesty, fairness and strength of character. Stewardship - We will cultivate and care for our human, natural and material resources with gratitude, responsibility and accountability.)?
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Please include why you believe this person should be considered. Please be specific; give examples. Please note how you became acquainted with and how long you have known the person you are nominating. (Optional) Upload supporting documents (nominee's resume, articles & news, awards, etc.)
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