Transfer, Adult and Graduate Studies
Admission Counselors

Dawn Scott
Vice President for Enrollment Phone262.524.7297
Oversees all undergraduate, nontraditional and graduate admission.
Cindy Holahan, Carroll University
Cindy Holahan
Director of Graduate Admission Phone262.524.7361
Oversees graduate admission.
Lynn Novak, Carroll University
Lynn Novak
Director of Nontraditional Adult, Transfer and Professional Studies Admission Phone262.524.7620
Oversees transfer and nontraditional admission students interested in: Nursing
Linda Sklander, Carroll University
Linda Sklander '84
Senior Associate Director of Nontraditional Admission Phone262.524.7228
Oversees transfer and nontraditional students interested in: Art, Art Education, Athletic Training, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Communication, Education, Elementary Education, Elementary/Middle Education, Educational Studies, English Education, Environmental Science Education, English and Writing, Exercise Science, Global Studies, History / History Education, Journalism, Math Education, Music / Music Education, Music Therapy, Non-Degree Education Certification, Non-Degree Additional License, Non-Degree Other, Photography, Physical Therapy, Physical Education, Pre-Law, Pre-MEXP, Pre-SPPC, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Public Relations, Political Science / Political Science Education, Psychology Education, Religion, Secondary Education, Sociology Education, Spanish, Spanish Education, Special Education, Sports Administration, Theatre Arts, Undecided
Lori Pavletich-Nowak, Carroll University
Lori Pavletich-Nowak
Assistant Director of Nontraditional Admission Phone262.524.7649
Oversees transfer and nontraditional students interested in: Accounting, Accounting + MBA, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business + MBA, Business Management and Leadership, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Finance, Graphic Communication, Healthcare Administration, Health Science Completion, Information Technology, Marketing, Non-Degree CPA Prep, Neurodiagnostic Technology, Radiologic Technology, Sociology
David Buehler, Carroll University
David Buehler '08
Assistant Director of Graduate Admission Phone262.524.7359 Text262.299.8180
Oversees graduate students interested in: Master of Occupational Therapy, Master of Science of Athletic Training, Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Prerequisites for Graduate Study
Brittany Schaefer, Carroll University
Brittany Schaefer '13, M.Ed. '18
Senior Admission Counselor - Nontraditional Admission Phone262.524.7338 Text262.257.9404
Oversees transfer and nontraditional students interested in: Actuarial Science, Animal Behavior, Applied Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pre-Engineering, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Freshwater Sciences, Math, Marine Biology, Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant, Public Health, Pre-Dental, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Podiatry, Psychology, Pre-Veterinary
Josh Hurlebaus '09
Graduate Admission Counselor Phone262.524.7225 Text262.747.2275
Oversees graduate students interested in: Business, Education and Behavioral Health Psychology, Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching
Carly Leigeber
Graduate Admission Counselor Phone262.524.7473 Text262.229.4128
Oversees graduate students interested in: Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Master of Science in Nursing

Office of Admission Staff

Angela Schultz
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 262.524.7219

Cheryl Kelley
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 262.524.7218

Madeline Stephens
Admissions Operations Coordinator

Phone: 262.524.7065

Holly Waschow
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 262.524.7222

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