Academic Petitions Form

Complete all information below. Requests will not be considered if this form is incomplete. Please be sure to describe in detail the extenuating circumstances (e.g. family emergency, documented illness, etc.) you believe justify this petition. Submit this petition and supporting documentation to the Registrar's Office. If you are appealing a suspension or dismissal, you must attach a letter.

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I hereby petition the following:Check all that apply and be sure to attach completed and signed add/drop card).

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Suspension and dismissal appeals require an attached letter.
Please describe in detail the request you are making and the extenuating circumstances you believe justify this petition. (600 characters max.)
You may also upload a file if you need to provide a longer explanation.

Refunds, Late Adds or Late Withdrawals

Use the section below to process a refund, late add, or late withdrawal. Requests will not be considered if information is not provided.

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