Academic Petitions

Submit the Academic Petitions form if you agree to the terms below.

  • Lack of awareness of published policy is not sufficient grounds for acceptance of your petition.
  • The purpose of your petition should be clear and succinct. You must provide enough information, however, for a decision to be made (what is the course that you want to drop, what is the date you last attended class, etc.) You must attach completed add/drop cards with all required signatures for any add/drop appeals.
  • We can (and will) check the information that you provide with the instructor of record. Be sure the facts are stated accurately.
  • The difficulty of a class (or your negative opinion of an instructor) is not sufficient grounds for making an exception to policy. You may wish to discuss these things with the instructor or department chair however.
  • Switching of courses or sections within a semester will only be granted in the first four weeks of the term.
  • Grade appeals should not be made to the registrar's office. If you do not believe a course grade is correct, you should first contact your instructor. After contact with your instructor, if a resolution with the instructor is not reached, next contact the department chair of the instructor. If a grade appeal cannot be settled by the department chair, a student may contact 262.524.7364 or download the Student Handbook for further guidance on grade appeals.
  • Instructors and advisors can recommend action to the registrar's office but they cannot dictate the results of an academic petition.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that letters sent through surface mail and facsimiles sent electronically are received and processed.
  • Advisors assist you in scheduling courses toward your intended degree but they are not accountable if you do not fulfill the requirements. The catalog you are using and the degree audit are your official guides in terms of what is necessary.
  • Documented personal hardship may cause you to be granted a "one-time exception" to published policy. This is a one-time exception for any published policy and it is documented and enforced.
  • Documented financial hardship may result in setting up a payment plan with the business office. You can contact them directly to see if this is feasible for you.
Submit the Academic Petitions Form
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