Student Scholarly Travel Program Application Form

Students will not receive more than a total of $700 in travel grant money during their undergraduate academic career at Carroll (an additional $700 may be awarded for international travel). Students continuing with their graduate studies at Carroll may receive additional travel grant money up to $700 upon application approval.
The following items must accompany this application:

  • The endorsement of a full-time Carroll University faculty member (A full-time faculty member must indicate support for the travel request by sending an email to
  • Attach an abstract of the project to be presented 
  • Attach a one-page copy of the "schedule-at-a-glance"
Type of Conference:

Please provide the city and state for U.S. conferences. List country if applying for an international conference.
Presentation Format:

Explain the significance of the project within the discipline or profession.
Explain the benefits of your presentation at this conference to both you and your Carroll University program (will your presentation enhance the program's reputation, will you share your experience with others in the program, will this experience improve the curriculum, etc.). If you are attending only, please justify University support for your attendance.
Provide a list of estimated expenses for all of the following per day AND total: lodging, airfare, other travel (bus/train/etc.), meals ($57/day max), conference fee, telephone charges, parking, mileage, other
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