Honors Program Application

We are pleased you have decided to apply for admission to the Carroll University Honors Program.

The priority deadline for applying to the Honors Program is January 10, 2021. We will then accept applications on a rolling basis. However, we recommend that you don't delay as spaces are limited and allocated on a competitive basis. Interviews will be conducted as part of our Scholar Day on Saturday, March 6th.

Before You Begin

Before you begin this application, please prepare an answer to the question, "How do you define talent?"

You may write a short “essay” using words, visuals or sheet music to express your thinking, or any other file you deem most suited to answer the question (such as a photo, video, piece of music, video-essay, et cetera). Upload your written answer in either a Word document or PDF file that meets the following requirements:

Note that you may only upload one file. Please also note that submissions that do not strictly adhere to these criteria will not be considered.

Application Form

( ) -
Please list any scholastic honors or distinctions you have won since the ninth grade
Upload your answer to the question, "How do you define talent?"

Your application, along with your admission file, will be reviewed by the Carroll Honors Center Committee (CHCC) as it determines the criteria to become an honors student. If you have any questions, please call us at 262.524.7446, or email cuhonorscenter@carrollu.edu.

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