Advice for Pioneer Scholars Applicants

Previous pioneer scholars have shared the following advice for students considering the program: 

"Work hard and be proud of your research. It is a truly unique opportunity that not many people have the pleasure of experiencing."

"I would advise applicants to put a lot of thought into their proposals and start early in plotting an execution plan. The time between being approved for research and the summer is just enough time to forget what it is you wanted to do in the first place and can set you back when it comes time to start research."

"If a student wants to perform an experiment or learn more about something, he/she should just fill out the application and try it. There is no harm in trying, because it is a very rewarding experience."

"Manage your time well. Stick to your plan. Be confident that your project can be completed."

"Do it! It was an amazing experience. I learned so much about research and specialized skills in the chemistry field. I also developed an amazing relationship with my mentor."

"Talk with a mentor as soon as you have an idea. He/she can help you develop it."

"Have fun! Do a lot of your work toward the beginning of the summer because once school starts, there is no time anymore."

"Make the most of what you're given. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Use it wisely."

"Use this tool to discover your future. Spend the summer pretending that you are working in your field someday down the road. Do you like it? Use it as an opportunity to promote yourself. This program is less about the research and more about the experience. Let it mold you and don't be afraid to find new things."


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