Carroll University Sport Performance Institute
Monitoring Athletes

The CUSPI connects sport science with the Carroll University athletic teams to develop a holistic approach to enhance sport performance, reduce the risk of sport-related injury and bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and returning to competition.

Interface Sports Science with Intercollegiate Athletics

A common ingredient that is missing in most university athletic programs is an effective and practical application of athlete monitoring. The means by which athlete monitoring occurs ranges from simple to sophisticated measures, depending on the needs of the coaches and athletes. Athlete monitoring may include periodic athlete testing to determine levels of preparedness for competition, practice and strength and conditioning training. Furthermore, these assessments can assist in determining an athlete’s readiness to return to practice and competition after injury.

Athlete Monitoring Solutions

The data gathered during athlete monitoring assessments is examined as both group and individual data. By tracking both measures, the sport scientist can work with the sport coach to determine trends in performance for the whole team and to identify individual athletes that may require alterations in their training – this is key to the understanding that each athlete responds differently to training and other stressors and can provide sport coaches with direct feedback on whether or not an athlete is progressing as anticipated. By comparing the monitoring data to the team’s training plan (e.g., volume of work, intensity), the sport coach and strength and conditioning coach can determine whether the desired training goals are being accomplished. This type of information can also assist the sport coach and sport scientist in determining the underlying cause(s) of undesirable training effects. This partnership increases the ability to protect athletes from future training problems (e.g., overtraining and/or injury).


Carroll UniversitySport Performance Institute

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