Public Health Minors

Public Health Minor

Our public health minor is an excellent option for those seeking a health-related career. This minor provides an understanding of important local, national, and global public health issues and introduces the development of programs to address those. It helps students to critically think about the broader social health-related issues before specializing in a clinical field, or to complement a major that is not an undergraduate career major.

The areas we study include influences affecting the general health of people in the United States, such as environment and behavior. We also look at health on a broader scale, discovering the critical links between public health and social and economic development in countries around the world.

Health Education Minor

The health education minor provides a basic foundation for students desiring preparation in health promotion and disease prevention. The minor in health education may be used in combination with many majors to enhance a student's career opportunities and as preparation to deliver health promotion programs in a variety of settings. Completion of the minor along with a teaching certifiable major leads to certification in health education.

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