Student Graduation and Attrition Rates | M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies

Student graduation and attrition rates are shown in this table. Student attrition rate is the percentage of students entering a cohort that do not complete the program with the rest of the cohort, either due to leave of absence, deceleration, dismissal, or withdrawal. For comparison, the national graduation rate for all PA schools is 93% with an attrition rate of 6.7% (PAEA Research, Program Report 35, 2019 National cohort). The Carroll University PA Program graduation rates are better than the National averages and the attrition rates are lower (better than) the National averages.

Carroll University PA Program Student Attrition and Graduation Rates

Graduated Classes
Class of 2018
Class of 2019
Class of 2020
Graduated ClassesMaximum entering class size (as approved by ARC-PA)
Class of 2018:20
Class of 2019:20
Class of 2020:20
Graduated ClassesEntering class size
Class of 2018:23
Class of 2019:20
Class of 2020:20
Graduated ClassesGraduates
Class of 2018:22
Class of 2019:20
Class of 2020:20
Graduated Classes* Attrition rate
Class of 2018:4.3%
Class of 2019:0%
Class of 2020:0%
Graduated Classes** Graduation rate
Class of 2018:95.7%
Class of 2019:100%
Class of 2020:100%

*Attrition rate calculation: Number of students who attritted from cohort divided by the entering class size.
**Graduation rate: Number of cohort graduates divided by the entering class size.

The Program graduation rate for these three cohorts combined is 98.4%, while the attrition rate is only 1.6%--both values better than the National averages.

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