Physical Therapy (PT) Bound Program Overview | Doctor of Physical Therapy

Carroll University offers students who are pursuing physical therapy graduate programs, a unique pre-physical therapy program, the PT Bound Program. Each student who participates in the PT Bound Program will receive guided educational planning for admission to a DPT program. The guided educational planning is based on national data that includes identifying DPT program options, selecting an appropriate undergraduate major, prerequisite course work, GRE exam information, and DPT application preparation.

In addition to receiving education guidance through the PT Bound Program, a Carroll PT Bound student may also qualify for:

PT Bound Checklist

PT Bound students should consider participating in on-campus events and program exploration during the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years at Carroll. View your PT Bound Checklist below and learn more about your Keys to Success at PT Bound activities!





PT Bound Keys to Success Event Schedule (Current Carroll Students)

PT Bound students will be invited to attend both fall and spring semester information sessions.

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