Non-Traditional Admission | Doctor of Physical Therapy

What is Non-Traditional admission?

Non-traditional students have earned or will earn a bachelor's degree at an institution outside of Carroll and are planning to apply to the graduate professional phase of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Non-traditional applicants are reviewed in the competitive review process with Carroll non-direct admission students.

How long is the DPT Program for a Non-Traditional student?

The DPT program encompasses three-years of professional graduate level study. A new cohort enters the graduate DPT program each fall semester (September).

Please be advised - Carroll requires non-traditional applicants to complete an additional sequence of Human Anatomy and Physiology at an advanced level (ANP402-403) in the summer prior to DPT enrollment in the fall if accepted into the graduate program. Courses run from late May thru early August. The majority of course equivalencies for ANP402/403 are at the graduate level of study.

How do I apply to the DPT Program?

Non-traditional applicants are required to apply through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). Please reference for more information.

Carroll University will admit up to 20 students who will not earn a bachelor’s degree at Carroll. Below is the minimum criteria required to be considered for the DPT Program:

Admission Questions

Please contact Jillian Groskreutz, Senior Associate Director of Graduate Admission, at 262.524.7223 or email

The entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program admits qualified students regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or disability that does not interfere with the performance of professional physical therapy practice as provided by law. Applications and credentials for admission to the physical therapy program must be submitted for processing to the Carroll University Office of Admission. Decisions are made on applications by selection committees in the program, and applicants are notified through the Office of Admission.

Admission and standards are subject to change based on regulatory, licensing and or certification needs.

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